10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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1. Samsung’s big play is out. The Galaxy S8 was launched last night as the electronics giant tries to recover from its $7 billion exploding phone mistake from last year. We have all the big, beautiful pics of the S8 here, along with six things it can do that the iPhone can’t. Steve Kovach says while it’s gorgeous, the S8 repeats mistakes Samsung has made before. But the big surprise was actually an accessory – finally, it’s a dock that turns your smartphone into a PC.

2. Cyclone Debbie has passed, but her little sister is headed for Brisbane. Bonus for schoolkids – rain is expected to be so heavy, police have advised that all schools from Agnes Water to the NSW border will be closed, as well as the schools out west to Nanango.

3. British PM Theresa May handed over her country’s breakup letter to EU president Donald Tusk, so here’s everything you need to know about the Brexit nightmare that’s about to begin. A leaked EU document says the UK can reverse Article 50, but according to the latest polls, Brits don’t regret Brexit and want May to just:

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4. Markets didn’t move in any major way following the handover of Article 50, mainly because they knew it was coming. And there wasn’t a lot of movement in the US either, despite the San Francisco Fed president saying investors shouldn’t rule out more than three rate hikes this year. Nothing is real in the US right now until it happens. The Aussie dollar continues to strengthen and iron ore prices lifted.

5. The US President couldn’t wait for an S8. It looks like he’s ditched his S3 and switched to an iPhone. He’s also just achieved in 69 days something that’s taken his country’s most unpopular presidents years to achieve – an approval rating of 35% or lower.

6. NASA’s $US1 billion Jupiter probe has now been circling the gas giant for more than six months. It just completed its fifth fly-by, and amateur astronomers are loving working with the images from 650 million kilometres away. Here’s the latest batch of stunners.

7. You might be old enough to remember that old joke about how if men got periods, they’d get a week off work every month. The lower house of Italy’s parliament is considering making it so. (Not for men.)

8. Love is… this court filing against Buzzfeed from Russian tech exec Aleksej Gubarev:

The filing really does have a kitten in it, but it’s also very serious. Remember that time Hulk Hogan nailed Gawker Media for $US140 million?

9. Millionaires, your space capsule is almost ready. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has released pics of a mock-up module which will sit on top of his undeniably phallic New Shepard rocket system. In it will be passengers guaranteed four minutes of weightlessness 100km above the Earth, with views out of the “largest windows ever in space”. The capsule will be displayed in Colorado Springs from April 3-6 at the 33rd Space Symposium. It might be easier and cheaper to just wait and see if New York firm Clouds Architecture Office get convinced Manhattan authorities to let them build this groundscraper to hang over the city, suspended from cables attached to an asteroid. At least it’s earthquake-proof.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo is headed for Hollywood. Surely, after pretending he was happy with this bust of himself just unveiled as Madeira International Airport officially became the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport:

This is the same Ronaldo who pays a stylist to visit Madrid’s Museum of Wax every month to make sure the hair on his statue is perfect.

BONUS ITEM: And the award for Best Video at the 2017 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction goes to… Japan, again:

Have a great day.

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