10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Love ‘tubular tyres’? This is the $13,000 bike for you then.

Good morning. Here’s to getting through Wednesday together.

1. Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar have become a talking point in Australian business this week after the startup announced it had filed for an IPO on the US stock exchange. As they head for a $3 billion valuation, here are 24 quotes that reveal the vision of the duo who built the business.

2. To the markets, where Greg McKenna’s wondering if Aussie traders are ready to pony up and start buying after the carnage in Asia Pacific markets yesterday failed to gain traction in Europe and the US markets. The December ASX 200 futures are up 43 points to 4925, but with BHP and Rio Tinto both rallying in London trade – and given it’s the last day of the quarter – McKenna’s money is on prices ending the day a per cent or so higher.

3. The Aussie nudged below last week’s low in afternoon trade yesterday, hitting 0.6934. At the same time, the Kiwi was testing 63 cents and USDJPY was in the low 119s. Datawise, there’s a bunch of numbers out of Japan today – retail sales, housing starts and industrial production – but the big one at home is building approvals. David Scutt has all you need to know about that before the drop at 11.30am AEST.

4. London’s iconic black cabs are not standing for this Uber nonsense. Or at least black cab regulator Transport for London (TfL) isn’t, and is reportedly prepping a public consultation on “rules” for private hire vehicles. Rules as in, restrictions which pretty much destroy the point of ride-sharing, like:

  • a mandatory five-minute wait time before a passenger can be picked up
  • banning cars being shown on the map in Uber’s app.
  • allowing customers to book rides up to seven days in advance.

Because, you know people, just because it’s your money doesn’t mean you get to decide how to spend it.

5. Edward Snowden just joined Twitter — and he is already trolling the NSA:

He’s already pulled 620,000 followers, but only follows the NSA’s official account. And he chose Neil deGrasse Tyson as the first person to reply to.

6. Google had a big day. It announced a giant phone with a screen bigger than the iPhone 6s Plus, and a new Android tablet called the Pixel C. But it also upped its streaming game significantly by announcing an new Chromecast, with a “Fast Play” capability which it says knocks down wait times, and a feature allowing you to play your smartphone games on a big screen. Both features will also roll out to current Chromecasts, too, so no need to rush out if you already own one.

7. It’s also a huge day for Tesla. Around midday, it’s expected to reveal the Model X – an electric SUV with a dual motor propulsion system. That’s one for each set of wheels, and by all reports, it’s been a bit of a bugger to build.

8. Your ultimate home. There are hundreds of thousands of boards on Pinterest dedicated to the perfect yard, living room, garage, and more. so we asked Pinterest to send us the most popular pictures of rooms, from the attic to the basement, and here’s the result – basically Barbie’s Dream House for grown ups:

9. That bike again. The $12,800 one that debuted in the Tour de France from Specialised S-Works Tarmac. On Sunday, 25-year-old Slovakian Peter Sagan won the elite men’s race on it at the UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, Virginia, after “seemingly riding on rails” in the final descent of the 256km contest. Here’s a closer look at those incredibly expensive rails – who knew there would ever be so many important bits on a bike?

10. Maths can find you the ultimate life partner. This is cold, but by using the solution to the famous “Secretary Problem”, and having a little patience, you can theoretically increase your chance of finding the perfect life partner by nearly 40 per cent. (Note: It may mean you have to date and dump at least 15 people.)

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