10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Hello, world.

1. A new survey shows Americans haven’t been this bullish on the stock market since the dotcom bubble. But US stocks were crushed overnight in their worst day since Brexit, so, ouch. Jitters continued, and bond yields kept rising. But the blame for much of it goes to Amazon, which announced plans to create a new healthcare company for its employees with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan. Back home, the Aussie dollar has fallen across the board and it’s looking like a big day ahead for iron ore.

2. Rest easy, Mr Melbourne. Ron Walker, the Victorian businessman who brought the Australian F1 Grand Prix to his birthplace, died yesterday aged 78. He succumbed to cancer but all the focus today is on how he lived – large.

3. It’s the Moon’s biggest night in more than 150 years. Wake the kids up just before midnight and they’ll have something to tell their grandkids – that night they saw a Super Red Blue Moon. It’s a Super Moon – large; the second full moon in a month – Blue; and a total lunar eclipse – Blood. The last time that happened was in 1866. The show begins at 10pm and peaks between midnight and 1am with the full eclipse.

4. When you are just boys with toys:

That’s a Russian Su-27 intercepting a US Navy EP-3 Aries signals reconnaissance aircraft over the Black Sea on Monday. Cool. But the US Navy doesn’t think so. And it looks like the US President’s childish, threatening tweets are working. North Korea has backed off some of its usual military exercises.

5. Apparently, if you cheat at golf, you cheat at business. So 15-time LPGA Tour winner Suzann Pettersen won’t be doing any deals with the US President, despite becoming good friend with him during many rounds together. She just out and out called Donald Trump a golf cheat, claiming:

“I’m pretty sure he pays his caddie well, since no matter how far into the woods he hits the ball, it’s in the middle of the fairway when we get there.”

But today, the Dealmaker has serious business to attend to – his first State of the Union. But just as many eyes will be on the reply from the Democrats, because it will come from Joe Kennedy in his national debut. Yes, he’s JFK’s grand-nephew and Bobby’s grandson.

6. Because all the US politicians will be in one room for the State of the Union address, that makes it a great target for anyone who wants to destroy the government. So one lucky member of the President’s cabinet gets made “designated survivor”. They take the nuclear football and hide out watching movies and eating pizza instead, ready to take control of the government if they have to. Here’s the history of what designated survivors have done in the past.

7. Ugh:

Jane Gardner/ Facebook

Here’s why millions of maggots are washing up on beaches around Sydney. (#GetYourRodsOut.)

8. From the only-black Model T to beating Brockie, Ford has been sucking the joy out of motoring since 1903. Now it’s set its sights on autonomous cars and managed to get a patent on an autonomous police car that can chase you down and give you a ticket. Bravo.

9. Bitcoin crumbled to below $US10,000 for the second time in a month, leading all the major cryptos down overnight. The big news was a subpeona that may have been sent out to crypto exchange Bitfinex, which has been accused of “creating Tether coins out of thin air and then using them to buy Bitcoin and push the price up”. This is what you’ll be dealing with if you do as Max Urbahn did, and spend most of your summer wage on virtual monies. (Hint: His dad doesn’t think he’s a f…king idiot any more.)

10. In America, you get to bring your pet on a flight for free as long as you call it an “emotional support” animal. But even in America, there is a line not to be crossed:

No, there are no emotional support peacocks allowed, sorry lady. And because sometimes even pilots have to fly as passengers, here are all the things they notice that regular passengers don’t, like funny smells and ice on the window.

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