10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Oil painting he ain’t. Picture: Getty Images


1. Yesterday, North Korea said it would shoot US bombers out of the sky, even if they weren’t in North Korean airspace. It might be able to get a chance at it – the US is reportedly sending B-2 bombers and F-22 stealth jets to patrol South Korea’s airspace. Meanwhile, despite dying several times in the UK tabloids over the past four years, Kim Jong Un’s wife is alive and the mother of three children – here’s what little we do know about Ri Sol-ju.

2. How Trump’s tax cuts will actually be paid for is the minor detail US markets are still waiting on, so the greenback fell back a little. But the Aussie is still under pressure, trading as low as US78 cents overnight. Futures traders’ optimisim for the ASX200 remains relentlessly positive – it has to follow the global lead sooner or later. There’s very little data to drop, and the footy finals are on, both codes. Don’t expect too much action off the field.

3. Hugh Hefner’s time finally came, and the publishing icon once worth hundreds of millions died of natural causes yesterday, aged 91. Now we’re about to find out who gets those millions, but we already know it won’t be his 30-year-old wife. In our look at his legendary life, we see:

4. Other people who can’t rely on family for a handout include Elon Musk’s mum. Maye Musk told the New York Times she’s ordered a Model 3, but is “at around 300,000” in the queue for one. Her son won’t let her jump the line, and won’t give her – or any family member – a discount.

5. Musk himself is in Adelaide today, at the International Astronautical Congress. At 2.30pm AEST, he’ll be on stage to unveil “major improvements” and “unexpected applications” in his plan to send 1 million humans to live on Mars.

The BFR is this, the “Big F…king Rocket”:

Here’s how you can watch Musk’s talk, live.

6. Your only child is more self-centred, less co-operative, and less likely to get along with their peers. Science says so, having found their brain structures are noticeably different. And while this is the bit where we usually say something like “but here’s why that could be a good thing”, there’s actually not a lot of positives in no siblings. But if you do choose a Little Emperor, at least try to make sure they’re the right one of these “only two kinds of kids you can raise”.

7. Tony Yoo’s had the Samsung Galaxy Note8 long enough now to know that yes, it’s a bloody good phone. But $1500 is a lot of money to pay for a phone, he reckons. Google is next up, with the Pixel 2 release around this time next week, in which the Pixel 2 XL is likely to look a lot like Tony’s phone. But a leaked slide shows what may be a “Pixel ultra” slotted into the lineup.

8. Australia’s one-armed bricklaying robot now has a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia for the construction of a minimum of 50,000 new home units by 2022. That’s one machine, 50,000 homes.

9. When you crowd surf at a gig where fans don’t know what crowd-surfing is:

That’s a four-metre faceplant at the Dune Rats gig in Adelaide‚Äôs Thebarton Theatre. The man spent the night in hospital but luckily, is out and doing okay.

10. You’ve probably got an obnoxious coworker or boss leaving you “feeling demeaned, de-energised, disrespected, and/or oppressed”. Stanford psychologist Robert Sutton calls these people “arseholes” and has even written an “Arsehole Survival Guide”. But because it’s Friday, you can employ Sutton’s greatest tactic to neutralise the office arsehole – by “not giving a s..t”.

BONUS ITEM: It’s just fine to never grow up when you have a Landspeeder Crazy Cart:

Have a great weekend. Carn the Tiges.

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