10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Model 3 Dashboard EMBARGOED DO NOT USE
No instrument clutter. Picture: Tesla

Good morning.

1. If you’re catching a domestic flight within Australia this morning, you’d better get moving. Qantas now wants you at the airport at least two hours before your departure, and three hours if you’re on an international flight due to “enhanced” security protocols. Blame the four people arrested in Sydney over the weekend for plotting to bring down a passenger aircraft, starting with an on-board gas attack.

2. To markets, and the greenback is falling again after US GDP for Q2 wasn’t exciting enough to turn the bears around. The Aussie hasn’t pushed back through US80 cents yet, but there’s potential for it in the data coming this week. Iron ore is rallying ahead of the release of key economic data from China today, and ASX futures traders are confident of a good day on the 200 today. And here’s why today might be a rare good day to finally get into Bitcoin.

3. August! It’s just a day away, and we all know what that means – fresh data. Notably from the RBA, which hands downs its rates decision tomorrow, along with the all-important accompanying statement. And on Friday, we’ll also get its quarterly Statement on Monetary Policy. The ABS is also busy with building approvals on Wednesday, balance of trade Thursday and retail sales Friday. There’s more here in Sam Jacobs’ weekly, Commsec-powered diary, including all the international releases.

4. The Tesla for everyone has arrived. The first 30 owners of the Model 3 took their keys at the company’s factory in California on Friday. But Matthew DeBord got to tool around in one for 15 minutes before they did. He’s driven all the Teslas now, and been impressed with all of them, too. But, he says, the Model 3 is something else. And this is why “the entire world” will want one.

Model 3 Blue Driving
It’s good. Picture: Tesla

5. Child care costs are extreme. So extreme we say extreme things like, “Basically, I’m just going to work to pay for child care,” which make us think that maybe we should just quit and stay home and love the kid fulltime. You absolutely should consider it, if you can, because it’s why you had the kid in the first place. But first, read this breakdown from Care.com’s 2017 Cost of Care Survey data which suggests it could end up costing you nearly $1 million.

6. Imagine buying a small piece of land somewhere nice, but not too expensive. Then imagine – and this bit takes a bit of stretching – putting a robot on it and coming back a month later to find it had built a house from the raw materials it had dug out of the ground. If you can do that, then you’re on the level with 32-year-old investor Sam Altman, who thinks this is exactly the type of utopia artificial intelligence can create. Crazy, but that’s what they said about Altman when he plonked millions into Airbnb and Dropbox, too.

7. Like reading but can’t be bothered with all that… reading? Here are nine brilliant podcasts to tune in and drop out to for your morning commute. All will expand your mind in 30 minutes.

8. And here’s a free lesson from the life coach who charges seven clients $US1 million annually for his wisdom. Tony Robbins streamed a full hour of his recent sold out gig in New Jersey on Facebook, in which he broke down the things anyone can do every day, month, and year to be more successful.

9. Trump’s healthcare overhaul hit a brick wall on Friday in the form of three Republican senators, who joined with 48 Democrats to sink the Obamacare overhaul 51-49. The US president won’t give up though, and is demanding no other legislation gets debated until the Senate moves on healthcare:

Adding to his worst weekend, Trump now has to find someone else to swat flies off his head after he sacked his chief of staff, Rince Priebus.

10. If you’re refreshing your resumé today, knock out these seven buzzwords and pointless details. They really annoy Tina Nicolai, and she’s read more than 40,000 resumés, so she knows annoying when she sees it.

BONUS ITEM: United Airlines just can’t win right now:

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