10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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1. Escalation!

And while you were reading all that, Trump asked his Security Council to come up with “deliverables” he could offer Russian president Vladimir Putin next week, and a range of new options for how to deal with North Korea.

2. To markets, and the Nasdaq had another shocker. FANG stocks — Facebook, Apple, Netflix and Google — each slipped more than 1.7%, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index fell 2% to its lowest level since mid-May. And tech companies in the S&P fell by even more. The euro and pound continued to push higher overnight and the Aussie dollar is still charging higher, but SPI futures traders have marked down the local index heavily. But iron ore has now put on 10 gains in 11 sessions.

3. Human skulls can be horrible, if they’re fresh. But 9000 year-old human skulls are cool. And a team of archaeologists has found a temple among “monumental” buildings in Turkey with fragments of possibly hundreds of skulls. And it looks like they’ve been “deliberately modified” after death.

4. Venus Williams could be in a bit of trouble after a T-bone accident police are saying is her fault resulted in the death of a 78-year-old man in the other car.

5. You could look at this look at bubbles two ways:

Either Bitcoin is about to burst or it’s got another eight years of skyrocketing still to come. Either way, it’s “simply unprecedented”, says Akin Oyedele.

6. “Can you show me a picture of an F-35 shooting a missile while flying upside-down?” is one request we’ve never received from readers. But we’re going to show you anyway:

It’s what the test pilot calls “showing the F-35’s maximum capability”. Best of all, pilots get to do this all the time.

7. North Korea is nearing its goal of building a thermonuclear bomb that can hit the US. One missile defence expert in the US says he wouldn’t be surprised “if it happened in the next few months”. But the US could blow itself up by then – hackers have breached “at least one US nuclear power plant”.

8. Sadly, the Kim regime doesn’t need to spend billions on nuclear weapons to guarantee security for its people. A Quartz report claims it’s sitting on “trillions” in untapped wealth in the form of some of the world’s larget stockpiles of rare minerals. It just can’t afford the mining equipment needed to get it out.

9. If you caught Adele on her recent tour of Australia, cherish the memory. A note she placed in the audience programs at her recent Wembley Stadium shows in London hints that her July 2 finale might be the last time she performs on tour.

10. Remember that Amazon engineer who set up an experiment that allowed viewers of his Twitch livestream play the stock market with $US50,000 of his own money? A month later, and his team is beating the Nasdaq, despite its insistence on buying CUK, DOG, CAKE and MLP because they’re hilarious.

BONUS ITEM: It’s Friday. Don’t let anything get in your way of a knock-off drink:

Have a great weekend.

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