10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. The Trump world tour is a wrap, and as far as first presidential trips abroad went, it was an ambitious one. Obama and Clinton chose Canada, Bush chose Mexico. Trump addressed terrorism in Saudi Arabia, pushed for peace in Israel, met the Pope in Vatican City, lectured NATO allies in Brussels and summited with the G7 in Italy. But you might know his trip better for the Pope’s grumpy face, the handshake with Macron, using a golf cart and shoving Montenegro’s PM. Because in these exciting times in which we live, if it doesn’t “go nuts on Twitter”, it didn’t happen. Here is the news:

2. He’s home now, and already tweeting about fake news again as sources claim his son-in-law Jared Kushner attempted to set up a “back-channel” of communication to the Kremlin. Department of Homeland Security secretary John Kelly says so what if he did? And here’s a great post on what it means to be a woman working in the White House under Trump.

3. Global markets crept higher. UK stocks were helped by a weaker pound and the S&P nudged higher after US GDP was revised upwards on strong consumer spending numbers. SPI Futures traders were positive about today’s trade on the ASX200, but volumes may be down a little with holidays in the UK and the US. Iron ore has now lost 40% in 3 months and the Aussie dollar is under pressure.

4. You might have missed our podcast on Friday. It was a cracker too, with ANZ senior economist Jo Masters joining us to talk about the drag we’re seeing on household consumption, something she has warned about since last year. You can find the show on iTunes, or listen in below.

5. Miranda Kerr got married for the second time. The Aussie supermodel tied the knot with Snap’s $6.3 billion CEO Evan Spiegel in a quiet ceremony at their home in Brentwood, California. Less than 50 guests were picked up at checkpoints and driven in blacked-out limos to the ceremony. So we don’t have any pics sorry, apart from pics of blacked out limos.

6. When British police said US officials may have jeopardised investigations into the Manchester terror attack, they weren’t kidding. A weekend raid led to the arrest of a 14th person in connection with the attack. They have 1000 people on the job right now.

7. Schapelle came home, opened an Instagram account and got 150,000 instant followers, then led the media on a merry chase. It was every bit as bizarre and bogan as you would expect, including all the middle finger salutes to the meeja and household members wearing horror masks:

Picture: Getty Images

Hey, if your life is a freakshow, roll with it.

8. Here’s how the American Institute for Cancer Research says you should barbecue meat if you want to reduce the risk of it giving you stomach cancer.

9. That’s… quite a banner:

Picture: Greenpeace

Greenpeace managed to unfurl the 75m x 25m protest over one of piles at the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle this morning. It’s part of an ongoing campaign putting pressure on the big four’s lending support to the fossil fuel industry, ahead of the CBA’s release of a new policy on climate change in August.

10. Fiat Chrysler sold 2.2 million cars last year and has a market cap of $US15.75 billion. Tesla sold 76,000 cars and has a cap of $US49.3 billion. How it has done that is probably the greatest story in the history of cars. And, according to Matthew DeBord, is one that should terrify carmakers.

BONUS ITEM: It’s a bad week to be a seal:

Enjoy your day.

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