10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. There isn’t going to be a “Brapocalypse”. Or a “Brarmageddon”. So says Raymond James’ chief economist Scott Brown, who reckons the drop in the pound and low interest rates will limit any Brexit damage. There’s more in his note “A Brelief rally. Due for a Brounce? Broptimism!” And JPMorgan’s note today is all about Scotland, why it will break from the UK, and why it will invent some new Scotland dollars.

2. What Brexit has caused is an unexpected QE rally. UK and European stocks drove higher overnight, taking the SPI 200 futures up with them another 73 points, 1.4%, to 5166. But the physical market has been underperforming the past few days, so whether traders have the bottle to play catch-up on the last day of the financial year – and with an election now just 48 hours away – is another question. Greg McKenna explains it better in his column this morning.

3. We’re into the final days of the federal election campaign and suddenly marriage equality is in focus. The Coalition has, somewhat astonishingly, managed to tie itself in knots on the issue because senior ministers are refusing to publicly commit to voting in favour of a change in the Marriage Act in parliament. Malcolm Turnbull is having to do some fire-fighting on the issue and we’re sure he’s just thrilled about that. Anyhoo, he’s claiming that a Coalition win on Saturday would be a mandate for a marriage equality plebiscite, and he’ll probably need Labor’s support to get that up. Details here.

4. Our love-hate thing with airlines. We pretend to hate Jetstar when people are listening, but can’t resist sneaking onto it when they’re not looking. Walking through business class to get to our cheap seats makes us rage internally. But we love those cheap seats. And now we learn it’s those cheap seats which make flights now take longer than they did 40 years ago. Here’s why.

5. That doesn’t mean you have to sit in a cheap seat in the lounge. Qantas lounges, until now only accessed by schmancy folk, can now be accessed by dirty poor people for a one-off fee. $49 will get you into a domestic Qantas Club lounge, $69 into an international business class lounge and $99 to pretend you hang out in the Premium International Ports lounges in Hong Kong and Singapore all the time. “There must be a catch,” you’re thinking. You’re right.

6. Remember “Top Gear”? It was hilarious, with Jeremy Clarkson, the dorky guy and the short person always arguing about cars. They’re now earning millions from Amazon Prime and are about to start filming the live audience bits for their show “The Grand Tour”. It’s mostly been kept under wraps, but here’s the first decent length look at what to expect, and it’s already got more laughs in it than the first six episodes of the new “Top Gear”:

We’ve missed you lot.

7. How much are you making? Is a bit of a rude question, but one hiring managers don’t seem to mind asking at all. And because you were taught not to be rude or lie, you probably stammer out the pitiful truth, even though you’d promised yourself you wouldn’t fall into that trap and this time you were going to be a badass negotiator. You’re right – it is a trap. And here’s how to avoid it gracefully.

8. It’s official. Baby Boomers have abandoned the one trait that can make the world a better place.

9. You don’t have to risk your life trying to see a sleeping great white shark any more. Discovery got one on video – and apparently it’s the first time it’s ever been filmed. And our own Justin Gmoser made a video about why punching one in the nose isn’t necessarily the best way to fend off an attack.

10. A woman has finally broken into the top 10 highest grossing film stars of all time. This dangerous woman:

Picture: Marvel

With over $US3.3 billion amassed at the domestic box office over her career, Scarlett Johansson is now the top-grossing actress of all time, and breathing down Michael Caine’s neck for ninth spot overall. Meanwhile, we’re learning more about why Captain America has become a Nazi – and it’s complicated.

BONUS ITEM: Donald Trump, you need to learn a lesson. RELEASE THE TROOMPA-LOOMPAS:

Have a great day.

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