10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Elon Musk is betting Hollywood got Mars wrong. Picture: Walt Disney Pictures

Good morning.

1. Markets were slow. Well, non-existent really, because the UK and US both had the day off. The SPI 200 suggests a small fall of 7 points at the open after Australian stocks closed marginally higher at 5408 yesterday. The Aussie dollar did nothing overnight, but some proper data starts to flow today leading up to tomorrow’s GDP report, so things could get exciting over the next 24 hours. At 11.30am AEST, we get quarterly balance of payments and government expenditure figures, building approvals and private sector credit figures for April.

2. Get to work. Employee management solution Deputy surveyed 400,000 shifts across 10,000 workers over the past six months. It found our laziest city is Adelaide, where 41% of workers start late, followed by Melbourne and Sydney on 40%. At least Sydney and Melbourne have commute excuses. But Melbourne’s also the only city where late workers start later than early workers start early. And in all three laziest cities, it’s Gen Y dragging their feet the most.

3. To Mars and back. We know getting there is easy, as long as you’re just chucking a lander at the surface. But landing on it with a human payload intact is a bit trickier. Elon Musk thinks he has the answer, because his SpaceX rockets have Super Draco thrusters. Here’s how they might be touching down on Mars as soon as 2018.

4. There goes iron ore again. The spot price for benchmark 62% fines fell by 1.72% to $50.27 a tonne, taking back around half the gain achieved on Friday. But the longer view is the important one, and from April 21 the price has lost 28.7%, trimming the year to date gain to 15.4%. It’s now nearly $8.50 below Australian treasury forecasts for the upcoming financial year:


5. You might have already figured out Hollywood movies are not like in real life. But we got ex Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin to tell us just how wrong Hollywood gets it wrong when it comes to movies about elite command forces with Charlie Sheen in them.

6. No place for cowards to hide. A NSW man claims his Facebook account was hacked and the hacker posted some shocking racial abuse on the Facebook page of Northern Territory senator Nova Peris. That’s now up to the courts to decide, because 64-year-old Central Coast chiropractor Chris Nelson was arrested yesterday and taken to Gosford Police Station where he was charged with “use carriage service (telecommunications) to cause offence”. Guilty or not, it’s a heartening sign that anyone who thinks they can hide and hurl abuse, can’t.

7. Tickets for the deciding playoff between the Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder are selling for nearly $US30,000 a pop on online resale sites. That’s incredible. Almost as incredible as the fact people are buying them. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, two unidentified fans were able to buy floor seats for the game at $US29,000 each through TicketMaster. Tip-off is at 11am AEST, with the winner going through to meet Lebron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers in the finals.

8. This is how to avoid the worst seat on the plane – that awful middle one which airlines seem to deliberately try to herd you into. And here’s another way to avoid the worst seat on the plane – buy a seat in Virgin Australia’s incredible new business class. Then go sit at the bar:

Photo: Virgin Australia.

We have loads more pics of it here.

9. David Eisman is 16. He knows virtually nothing about programming and maybe because of that, no video game company would hire him for his dream internship. So he went online and posted ads looking for people to help him make a video game, promising them a share of revenue instead of a wage. Now he has a company, Pixelman Productions, and PC/Mac game, “Walking Simulator”, which is also headed for the PlayStation. Easy.

10. Neil deGrasse Tyson is quite famous these days, mainly for being really smart. So when he says this is what you should invest in “if you don’t want to die poor”, you might find it interesting.

BONUS ITEM: You might like to watch stunning drone footage of BASE jumpers plunging off Norwegian fjord cliffs, but I can’t. It makes me feel ill in my legs:

Have a great day.

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