10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Donald Trump is within striking distance. Professor Allan J. Lichtman has correctly predicted the winner of every US election for 32 years, and he’s going with Trump, with two caveats. Trump can probably thank all the negative media coverage for that. It’s been so obsessed with trashing Trump’s character, it’s forgotten to report on actual Clinton campaign policy issues, and surprise, people do care about that sort of thing. Now with a week to go, the spotlight is finally on those emails, while the Trump camp gets to deal with big questions like “What does ‘Star Wars’ teach us about Donald Trump?” Florida gets it:

2. So, a busy week ahead. Markets will almost certainly be wrestling with who will be in charge of the free world next week, but there’s also multiple central bank meetings and decisions, a pile of economic releases, and US non-farm payrolls to deal with. And no one know why the ASX lost touch with US and European markets last week, ending the week on a series of falls. AND you’ll want to be able to knock off at lunch tomorrow knowing your money can look after itself for a few hours. That’s why you need to read Greg McKenna’s diary of all the market-moving events this week, stat.

3. Let’s just assume traders will play it carefully this week. That means don’t expect the ASX to come back in force any time soon – SPI traders left prices for the December contract down just 3 points for a weak opening today. Greg McKenna reckons a break below the current line of technical support could see it fall all the way back to 5180. And the Aussie is off 0.2% this morning at 0.7580, but iron ore is at a six-month high.

4. Apple’s “problems” are getting more attention by the week. Today, it’s Siri’s turn to burn, as Google Assistant proves itself a huge winner on the new Pixel phones. Meanwhile, Microsoft is making hay while Apple stalls for time and refuses to make a touchscreen Macbooks. And here’s how with one update to Windows, Microsoft will immediately leapfrog much of its VR competition.

5. Can you afford to buy a home? Count yourself lucky. But if you can’t and that’s all a bit depressing, here are 9 signs you might have missed which show you can, actually.

6. While we’re on housing, let’s talk about other huge bubbles waiting to burst. If you thought craft beer was out of control, check out how many people have got into bourbon:

And you’d be brave to get into making original TV shows right now too.

7. Do you put your milk in the fridge door? Then you’re doing it wrong. Here’s where everything is supposed to go if you want it to stay fresher, longer. And if you’re about to go on holiday, place a coin on top of a cup of ice in your freezer before you leave.

8. Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was so happy with his touchdown he just had to:

And he got his team hit with a 15-yard penalty for being too nice.

9. He should have instead used this five-step process for getting people to like you in four seconds or less.

10. It’s Monday! And Monday means podcast. Today, Paul Colgan is joined by Pete Cooper, a leading figure in the Australian innovations community, and they’re talking about what you can do to prepare your business for its inevitable digital disruption. You can find the show on iTunes or listen in below:

BONUS ITEM: The Poms got beaten in a Test match by Bangladesh. Bangladesh took 10 wickets in a session. That is all.

Have a great week. It’s only just begun.

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