10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Your desktop digital assistant is here to help. Picture: Microsoft

Good morning, and welcome to your brave new Windows world.

1. Windows 10 has arrived. Reviews are starting to trickle in and the new OS looks like a vast improvement over the largely experimental Windows 8, which struggled to bridge the gap between desk and mobile. There’s three standouts in W10 – the return of the Start menu, general look and feel, and the arrival of digital assistant Cortana to desktops. We’ll have a bigger roundup later from our team at freshly launched Tech Insider but here’s a couple of other things you need to know:

2. There’s still the issue of Powerpoint to deal with, though. One of new Westpac boss Brian Hartzer’s early goals was to “end death by PowerPoint”. But Amazon boss Jeff Bezos once put in a memo to all staff “a little more to help with the reason ‘why'”.

3. To the markets, where locally, it’s been a remarkable couple of days. The market has bucked last week’s bearish sentiment and the first few session of trade with unexpected strength. Yesterday’s early weakness reversed once the Chinese markets climbed off their lows but overall the tone this week on the ASX, and even in the Aussie dollar, has been much stronger than many expected. Futures are pointing to another good day again with some solid rises in London trade for the miners and the banks likely to catch a lift from the US.

4. In currency land, the Kiwi was the standout mover, up more than 1%. Here’s Commsec’s Craig James on the rest:

“Major currencies were mixed against the greenback in European and US trade. The euro fell from highs near US$1.1080 to lows near US$1.1020 and ended US trade at US$1.1055. The Aussie dollar rose from lows near US72.95c to highs around US73.40c and ended US trade near US73.25c. And the Japanese yen lifted from near 123.80 yen per US dollar to JPY123.50, ending US trade around JPY123.55.”

5. Did we mention we’ve launched a new site? Because we have and we reckon it’s the only tech site you’ll need. Judge for yourself, follow, and don’t stop reading Business Insider.

6. The F-35 has just met all requirements of combat readiness. Which is about time, given it’s a couple of years behind schedule, a trillion or so dollars over budget and from some reports, already outdated. Now the public demonstrations are being slowly, carefully rolled out. Last week, we saw live firing of its “cannons”:

Now, it’s made an appearance at an airshow in Winsconsin, where it did this:

So, yeah, it has guns, and can fly. Woot. It does, however, carry this new, tiny nuclear bomb that may be the most dangerous weapon in America’s arsenal.

7. There are plenty of rules men should live by, but @GSElevator has an uncanny knack of nailing them all in this 99-point list. (“Never take an ex back. She tried to do better and is settling with you.”) It’s wonderful.

8. Ever wondered why African pygmies are so short? Chris Pash knows, and so can you.

9. We like bikes, us business types. Especially electric ones which still allow us to claim we “biked” without making us smelly, stinking and stressed. We get enough of that in the conference room. But do we like them so much we’d pay $7000 for this beautiful Stromer?

10. Adam Goodes is considering retirement, effective immediately. There is nothing good in any of this “booing”, racist rubbish that’s seeing one of the AFL’s champions out of one its most celebrated careers. Even the AFL boss says it’s patently obvious racism is being thinly papered over by claims of “it’s because he’s a sook and a cheat”. He isn’t, and he might have been, once in 365 games, a tiny bit. So pull your heads in – the rest us can all see you for who you really are. Let a champion retire with dignity.

BONUS ITEM: An ATMForUs.com employee lost $141,000 in cash on a run to refill a machine in New Jersey. But it’s not surprising, giving he was such an oopsy-forgetsy:

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