10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

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Welcome to Friday. Here’s all you need to know before the countdown to your weekend begins.

1. It’s a big day for new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Just 54 days into his leadership, he’s bridged the river with Apple, delivering Office to iPad users in what reviewers are saying is a pretty impressive form. There’s some gripes about the price among tech libertarians, as per usual, but this is a bold move for Microsoft, which prized its exclusive ownership of native Office on its own devices above all others – particularly Surface.

2. The Federal Budget is looming and the early signs are it will be tough one. But that’s exactly what the Australian public wants, says PM Tony Abbott and his Treasurer Joe Hockey. According to The Australian, they’re convinced the “government will be punished electorally if it does not produce a tough budget”. The Australian has some inside running on the pair’s “razor gang” meetings as they work to “repair” the Budget. [Subscription link]

3. It’s the unofficial Brand Awareness Day. Strategy firm CoreBrand just released its rankings of the world’s 100 most powerful brands. Here’s the Tech rundown if you don’t want to scan the list. While we’re on Best Ofs, Skytrax released the results of its annual World Airport Awards. Can anyone build a better airport than Singapore’s Changi?

4. Here’s an amazing examination of two photos of Barack Obama with Pope Francis compared to two photos Vladimir Putin with Pope Francis, in which there seems to be something ominous being said about the way the world is shaping up right now.

5. Think you can just buy your way into becoming Captain America? Think again – those super-serum bloated pecs don’t come cheap, at roughly $40,000 according to Movieclips. But its the vibranium shield which will make your acccountant sweat blood – at $10,000 a gram, it’s worth $54 million-plus.

6. You Won’t Believe Why This Norwegian Teenager Got A McDonald’s Receipt Tattooed On His Arm could be the obvious clickbait headline to this story. Except we’ll tell you now – it was punishment from his mates for “being a little too active with the ladies.” You’ll still have to click for the pic though.

7. A big story will break in China next week, when that country’s most high-profile “mafia” trial begins. Billionaire founder of Hanlong Group, Liu Han, will be tried in Xianning city, facing charges including murder and blackmail. Hanlong Group holds a majority stake in Moly Mines, which is listed on the ASX. There are 35 others on trial, including Liu’s 44-year-old brother Liu Wei. [Subscription link]

8. Lachlan Murdoch got straight to work after being appointed co-chairman of his father’s two major companies, News Corporation and 21st Century Fox. According to The Australian, he immediately walked the editorial floors of the company’s newspapers at Holt St, greeting staff and inspecting a recent refit of the iconic offices near the Sydney CBD. [Subscription link]

9. Ouch. Comedian Dave Hughes’wife went to his shows undercover only to discover she’s been the butt of a lot of his jokes. “I don’t remember him mentioning getting an erection on a massage table,” is one quote worth reading her review of her husband’s shows for alone.

10. Friday Special Bonus: The new Greatest Dad Of All Time has mad video editing skills. Metro UK has a round-up of all the Action Movie Kid’s greatest adventures but if you need a primer, you can’t beat this:

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