10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Apparently, this man had just been beaten up by a world champion boxer. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. The big fight was a bust. Sure, Conor McGregor opened up well and gave the 200 million odd fight fans their money’s worth for a couple of rounds, but seeing a high stakes bout end just because one bloke got tired was a bit of a spoiler. The highlights were there though – from US fans on Twitter not knowing what an IRA reference looks like to McGregor getting on his own booze after the fight, to yet another opponent allegedly “destroyed” by Mayweather looking like he’s ready to step back into the ring 15 minutes later. Apparently boxing was the winner, but all the talk now is:

It won’t happen.

2. Jackson Hole was even more of a bust, with all the players at the gathering of central banks remaining cautious. The euro got a boost and the corresponding fall in the greenback pushed the Aussie up a bit as well. The ASX is creeping higher, but is still unable to break 5800 and Chinese iron ore futures are getting smoked.

3. What’s on this week? Building approvals, private capex data, credit sector data and manufacturing data – and that’s just in Australia! It’s all important, feeding in to next week’s Q2 GDP figures. Internationally, US Q2 GDP is out Wednesday, and Canada’s GDP follows on Thursday just after China’s PMIs kicks off a wave of PMIs around the globe. And on Friday, it’s US non-farm payrolls. Sam Jacobs’ weekly diary has it all.

4. Angela Taylor wanted to be an actress but in 2012, was instead working in HR for Google, where the spreadsheets kept malfunctioning. Because Google didn’t have enough engineers to fix it, Angela taught herself Visual Basic on a long flight to China, and in May this year, she officially became a full-time software engineer for Google’s mapping division. Here are the tactics she used to land her dream job.

5. Benjamin Zhang drove this $US3.5 million Bugatti Chiron:

Picture: Business Insider

And it changed the way he thinks about cars. Are you surprised?

6. Amazon bought Whole Foods, and it changed the concept of a “tech company” forever. It’s now bringing Amazon Fresh to Australia. But before it’s even arrived, Alibaba has jumped in, announcing that it wants Australian farmers to sell their fresh produce to its half-a-billion customers in China instead.

7. The season-ender for Game of Thrones airs today, and it’s been a contentious one. The time jumps are the sorest point for the unimpressed, but Carrie Wittmer says the real problem is… everything else as well. Anyhoo, we’re all but guaranteed a major character will die today, and that’s why we watch it, so here are the odds on 17 fan favourites whose necks are potentially on the chopping block.

8. Here are 9 things to do in those dry-mouthed, sweaty, pulse-pounding 15 minutes before a presentation. And here’s one thing to never do, according to several professors – deliver it in PowerPoint. Especially at a university, because PowerPoint “makes students stupid and professors boring”.

9. Somebody decided the Captain Cook and Governor Macquarie statues in Sydney’s Hyde Park were the best place to have a spray:

And the PM said it reminds him of the kinds of things Stalin did.

10. Here are 9 things the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can do that the iPhone can’t. And here’s the robot technology in train which will make all your smartphones redundant.

Have a great day.

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