10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Another tough day in the office. Picture: Bluehole

Here we go.

1. In markets news, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney hinted that the BOE would raise rates if business investment increased, and that drove the pound above $US1.29. The euro stayed strong as traders ignored pleas that Mario Draghi had not intended to signal policy tightening in his speech yesterday. And the Aussie dollar hit a 3-month high. With iron ore back on a tear, that sets up a good day on the ASX, with 200 SPI Futures for September up 40 points early this morning.

2.The US president was on a call with the newly elected Irish PM Taoiseach Leo Varadkar when he couldn’t help but notice how lovely the Irish press were. So he made a point of it:

And the internet got angry. Meanwhile, son Eric was opening Trump’s controversial golf course in Scotland, helped by Robert the Bruce:

Before it kicked off, staff were asked to remove the fake Time magazine cover featuring Trump on the cover and barcode for karaoke. This is the world’s most entertaining family right now.

3. Uber is being investigated by Australia’s ombudsman for workplace relations. The Fair Work Ombudsman confirmed to Business Insider that it was looking into whether Uber’s idea of a “contractor” is actually more in line with what Australia considers a “casual worker”.

4. Switzerland’s Institut Le Rosey is the most expensive school in the world. A year here for your darling child will set you back $150,000. But that includes pocket money, skiing four days a week, and a pony:

Here’s a bunch of shots the school let us run.

5. The rate of sea level rise doubled in the past 20 years. It won’t rise at all when an iceberg twice the size of the ACT breaks off the Larsen C ice shelf, because that’s already in the water. But it is definitely something to be alarmed about, and it could happen today.

6. Scientists found the hottest planet. It’s called KELT-9b and it’s nearly seven times hotter than Mercury on its surface, and three times bigger than Jupiter. But if you want to check it out, pack your asbestos undies and hurry, because it’s dying fast. And call in to Uranus – according to a new report, it’s officially the weirdest planet in our solar system.

7. A game that hasn’t even officially launched has made $US100 million in three months. More than 4 million people are essentially still testing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which dumps you on an island and you fight 100 people to survive. Irishman Brendan Greene is the brains behind it, and he told us how he’s spending all that cash. And so far, it’s not at all.

8. Stuck in Sydney traffic, watching it move slowly? Now you can watch it online, just as live and just as riveting:

But it takes all sorts in this world, and some people love traffic data, so here’s their dream website. It’s 200 of the world’s major mass transit systems, live.

9. The US and Japan continued to ramp up their capacity to strike at North Korea, quickly. The US Air Force in South Korea just took delivery of 10 Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles that can hit Pyongyang from 320km away. And Japanese F-35s are expected to field the Joint Strike Missile (JSM), which can fly just over a metre above the ground to deliver its 500-pound warhead before being detected. Back in the US, the F-35 program is approaching $US1.2 trillion.

10. Young, and have roughly half a mill burning a hole in your pocket? Rolls Royce has the Dawn convertible you’re looking for. It’s the Black Badge edition of the 2015 release and it’s 593 horsepowers of very cool.

BONUS ITEM: Who cuts off a natural no? Norwegian jackasses, that’s who:

Have a great day.

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