10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Markets are watching China right now, which has a case of the wobbles. Shanghai will open at 12.30pm AEDT, and the Euro STOXX600 fell by 0.46% last night after yesterday’s poor showing. US stocks were flat and futures traders have close to the same marked for the ASX200 at today’s open. (Morgan Stanley has a note out about how everything that’s been keeping the US market calm is about to get worse.) The greenback is at a two-month low, and the Aussie hit an overnight high above 0.7640 US cents but was quickly sold off. Bitcoin is barrelling towards $US10,000. If you’re not convinced, here’s Bloomberg on how to short it. Dare you.

2. We found out why London has such miserable weather. It’s because of all the fish and chips Londoners scoff. “The molecules given off by deep fat frying is likely to have more of an effect on clouds than previously thought,” associate professor of Biophysics and Materials at the University of Bath, Adam Squires, said. Sadly, here’s why eating more KFC won’t save the planet from global warming.

3. In case you hadn’t heard:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engagedHere’s the ring


Markle was apparently so keen to marry Harry she cut him off halfway through the proposal. Westminster Abbey is available to the couple, despite the fact that Markle is a divorcee, and Trump probably won’t be invited.

4. And we’ve only just begun. Here’s the rest of our coverage so far, including:

Because she’s not unpopular enough already, British PM Theresa May won’t give everyone a day off for the wedding.

5. The Archbishop of Canterbury kept mum on the news he almost certainly was aware of when he was interviewed for ITV’s “Peston on Sunday” yesterday. But he wasn’t shy of admitting he “really genuinely” didn’t understand how Christians in the US could support Trump. And the US president is badly in need of support – he has just 12 legislative days left in 2017 to score a couple of important wins which could make or break his first year in the top job.

6. Triple J’s Hottest 100 won’t be held on Australia Day this year. The broadcaster followed the Turnbull government’s not-brave lead in holding a survey to guide its moral compass and the majority of 65,000 listeners were keen to change the date to anything but Invasion Day out of respect for the Indigenous peoples of Australia. So now that’s clear, it will now be held on the fourth Saturday of January.

7. When you’re a Baby Boomer, life isn’t all grey nomadding around Australia and pricing Next Gens out of the Sydney investment property market. You’ve got some genuinely distressing issues facing you that previous generations never had to worry about, mainly because they died at a respectably early age. Here are the nine big problems Boomers face.

8. Like reading books? Like the way Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Elon Musk have managed their lives and businesses? Then here are the 15 books they think you should read.

9. At the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh, a Special Committee official showed a BBC reporter a gold-rimmed coffee cup. “It should cost $10,” he said. “But with corruption, it costs $100.” The Beeb crew were there to check up on the 200-odd rich and powerful people, including 11 princes, being held at the luxury hotel. Here’s what it’s like inside their 5-star “prison”. And here’s why it could cost some of them billions to get out.

10. Russia has a new nuclear ballistic missile submarine. The Knyaz Vladimir’s new electronics and lower sound levels make it virtually undetectable, and can dive deeper than any Russian sub before it. Oh, and it can launch warheads 10 times more powerful than the one that obliterated Hiroshima.

BONUS ITEM: Running right now at a rate of about one shudder per hornet:

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