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Good morning.

1. Australia’s High Court disqualified Barnaby Joyce and Fiona Nash from Parliament. Technically, that means they haven’t been MPs since October 20 last year. And the legal advice given to the federal opposition says that more than 100 Turnbull government decisions involving Joyce and Nash are now vulnerable to legal challenge. Joyce says if he is re-elected, he will seek a multi-pronged referendum to tackle a range of constitutional questions – including the rules on MPs’ citizenship.

2. The big loser in markets right now is the euro, which hit its lowest level since July at just above $US1.16 after the ECB’s dovish tapering announcement. But the NASDAQ is back after Amazon, Microsoft and Google all smashed Q3 earnings estimates, and US stocks overall enjoyed a US Q3 GDP reading which easily beat expectations. The Aussie caught a bid Friday night to finish at 0.7677, but that was still down 1.7% for the week. And benchmark crude hit its highest level in more than two years, climbing above $US60 a barrel.

3. The US president saved this week’s Sunday tweetstorm for an angry, desperate plea:

The “facts pouring out” Trump refers to are in relation to the Obama administration allowing Russian nuclear energy firm Rosatom to acquire Canada-based Uranium One, which had significant mining stakes in the US. And in other facts news, Trump’s approval rating has hit a new low.

4. Qantas flew its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Seattle to Sydney on the weekend, and BI’s Benjamin Zhang was on-board. Here are all the pics from inside the jet that Qantas CEO Alan Joyce says will transform long-distance flights forever, including this delicious rib eye steak from Neil Perry’s menu:

And to make sure that it does transform long-distance flights forever, Joyce just issued a challenge to Airbus and Boeing, telling them to step up their game.

5. Last week, YouTuber Brooke Amelia Peterson uploaded a video of herself at Apple HQ tooling around with an iPhone X that her dad, Apple engineer Ken Bauer, had just handed to her. The video pulled a ton of views before it was removed. This weekend Peterson got to post a new video telling everyone about how Apple just fired her dad.

6. But the real battle in tech right now isn’t about how good your phone is. It’s about how smart it is, and Apple, according to Matt Weinberger, should be embarrassed by how far behind Siri is. Even a plumber from Australia can build an earpiece that translates nine languages in real time. And Sophia the robot citizen gave a conference crowd in San Francisco a farewell that nearly broke Becky Peterson’s heart.

7. Real humans, meanwhile, are under fire for toying with emotions in all the wrong ways:

Yes, Twitter found something to get angry about. It also got angry on Saturday about Republican strategist Roger Stone railing against CNN personalities, and suspended his account. Now Stone is “going to sue Twitter on multiple grounds”.

8. In data this week, housing figures are under the microscope, starting with auction clearances today after a record number of homes hit the market last week. And look, they’re still sliding. We’ll know a bit more about construction activity tomorrow after the ABS releases building approvals data for September. In the US, a key inflation figure dropping tonight will be a key indicator ahead of Wednesday night’s interest rate announcement by the US Fed, although no change is expected until December. All the other best bits in global data are here in Sam Jacobs’ diary.

9. As the Poms arrive in Australia for the Ashes, now is a good time to note that it’s probably okay to only shower once a week. In fact, the president of startup Mother Dirt claims she hasn’t showered in 12 years, because showering wipes out “good bacteria” on our skins. So Tanya Lewis took the challenge to use Mother Dirt’s “AO+ mist” instead for a week, and here’s what happened.

10. And here’s what happens to your brain and body when you finally take the plunge and start trying to lose weight. For starters, your brain will try to convince you to gorge on pizza and doughnuts. Fight it.

BONUS ITEM: Now they are on high-speed motorcycles:

Have a great day.

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