10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. To markets first, where Brexit damage looks like it’s being contained to Europe – for now. Stocks in both the UK and US marched back upwards overnight and that’s pushed the SPI 200 up 83 points for a 1.6% gain. It’s looking better than yesterday, where the ASX 200 lost another 0.66% to be down 3.3% since the UK voted to leave the European Union last Thursday. The Aussie dollar doesn’t know which way to go.

2. Nearly 50 people were killed after three suicide bombers blew themselves up at Turkey’s largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk. We’ll be updating this all day.

3. Oh dear:

So that thing where everyone says “That’s it, I’m leaving the country if *insert politician* gets elected”? In England, people are actually going through with it. And while we should prepare for some market aftershocks, here’s why Myles Udland reckons everyone should stop worrying about the end of the world.

4. And that’s enough about Brexit, which may or may not happen. In Australia, we’ve got an election to think about. And while France has Marine le Pen, America has Donald Trump, Britain has Nigel Farage, The Netherlands has Geert Wilders, and Greece has Golden Dawn as realistic candidates, we have…

Picture: Getty Images

They’re having a grand old time, perhaps because they know their parties are so alike and the population they oversee is so apathetic they have to make stuff up to get attention. Maybe they think they don’t have to worry about things like Brexits, but they do, because it’s horrifying proof political chaos hurts the economy.

5. There’s still some people left alive after the end of season six of “Game of Thrones”. One of them is sitting on the Iron Throne, but clearly, the laws of succession don’t apply in Westeros. Here’s a look at who actually has the rightful claim, but it doesn’t include this guy:

Gendry game of thrones hboStill going… Picture: HBO

Gendry has been MIA for three seasons now, and there’s only 13 episodes left, according to the showrunners. The actor who plays Gendry is still very much alive, though, and keeps reminding his Twitter followers that he’s yet to make landfall:

6. Also still alive is Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamill made a joke in an interview then had to reassure hyperventilating fans that he doesn’t get killed off in Episode VIII:

7. If all the people on Earth got together, they’d all fit in the space occupied by New York City. Then we could answer that burning question – what would happen if we all jumped at the same time? But we don’t have to do that, because astrophysicist Paul Sutter and physicist Mark Boslough have already told us what would happen, and it involves earthquakes and tsunamis. So let’s not try it.

8. Ever wondered what to do with your hands during an interview? Neither have we, but these people who wrote a book about interviewing think it’s worth considering, so you might too.

9. Sexism. It’s still going strong these days, but way back in the 70s it was a plague of galactic proportions. Look:

That’s a real playbook from Apollo 12 astronaut and the fourth person to walk on the moon, Alan Bean. He didn’t even know it was there until “about two and a half hours into the extravehicular activity,” Bean told Playboy 25 years later. “I flipped the page over and there she was. I hopped over to where Pete was and showed him mine, and he showed me his.” Here’s an actual picture of the porn on the Moon’s surface, plus all the other zany stuff that went down on the mission.

10. We like the way Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky thinks. In a recent interview with news service The Rambler, Medinsky donned his tinfoil hat and suggested that the US government is funelling money to exert American power across the globe – by throwing billions at Netflix. Come for the conspiracy theory:

“The White House fully understands that through Netflix, they can get into every home, every television and then — into every head.”

Stay for the brilliant explanation of how startups get started up.

BONUS ITEM. Wimbledon, where Nick Kyrgios was a tool. But he did pop this amazing lob over Radek Stepanek in his four-set win:

Have a great day.

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