10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Ding. Ding. Picture: Getty Images


1. Apple is back! It’s finally revealed its MacBook update, and as expected, the keyboard has a nifty touchscreen bar:

And both models have headphone jacks. Apple also announced it had invented TV. More importantly, soon you’ll be able to play Microsoft’s Minecraft on it.

2. Google crushed earnings. Amazon, not so much.

3. On markets overnight, the big movers were bonds and the US dollar, which hit a seven-month high. So the Aussie is the loser, dropping below 76 cents. And the ASX is looking poorly as well, losing 2.7% in the past two days and any gains for the year so far with it. But traders on the local market reckon enough is enough of the recent selling and have taken futures 28 points higher. They might be watching this chart of the ASX versus the S&P 500 price action, which is fair enough:

ASX 200 versus S&P 500 Daily (Source: Reuters Eikon)

4. Donald Trump has 12 days to extricate himself and make a decent showing on polling day. He ground back a little in the past week and our updated electoral map has him looking better in three extra states – including Florida. He even has a policy now – a plan to spend $1 trillion on a variety of infrastructure projects over 10 years. That will give “serious” media – ABC’s World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News and CBS Evening News – something to talk about. They’ve spent a total of 32 minutes on policy this campaign, as opposed to 114 minutes in 2012 and 220 minutes in 2008.

5. There are loads of reasons to be freaking out wary of Russia’s new nuclear missile, apart from the fact NATO dubs it “Satan 2”. It can carry a warhead capable of wiping out NSW. It can reach both coasts of the US at many times the speed of sound. But it also feeds Russia’s love of liquid propellant, which the US doesn’t love so much, because of that time a liquid-fuelled missile in Arkansas exploded and “threw the warhead a far distance”. There’s more about Satan 2 here.

6. Another startup bites the dust. Twitter is shutting down Vine and laying off more than 300 employees. The short video service will always be defined by this haunting 6 seconds:

But it also proved a perfect medium for moments that rocked the world:

To making Nickelback even more ridiculous:

It was fun while it lasted. Here’s our collection of the best. And check out Donald Trump’s brief, but incredible foray into it from 2013.

7. Vine also made plenty of unknowns rich and famous, like that Logan guy who’s worth $1 million or something. Meanwhile, over at Instagram, Australia’s fitness queen, Kayla Itsines, now has a net worth of ooh, about $46 million.

8. Uber’s ploughing on regardless. It surprised everyone overnight by revealing a 10-year plan to have flying cars in our skies. Wild! So that’s another reason why your driver won’t want you sitting in the front. And here are 16 others things you’re doing that they hate.

9. Deep below the ocean’s surface in Antarctica, water is eating away one of the world’s largest blocks of ice. The Smith Glacier is part of an ice complex holding enough water to raise global sea levels by about three metres. But here’s something controversial – a fascinating new theory about why the world plummets into ice ages every 100,000 years. And how we’re still just coming out of the last one.

10. You might think you can ace your job interview with a great CV and some snappy answers. But what are you doing with your hands? Why are you smiling so much? Have you even noticed your interviewer is twice as old as you are? Really. You need to know these 19 psychological tricks that will help you ace your big day.

BONUS ITEM: London mayor Ken Livingstone being confused or bemused by all of this malarkey. Come for the insulting introduction, stay for the “Easy Lover” rendition at the end:

Have a great weekend.

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