10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Shape up. Picture: Getty Images

1. Let’s start with the markets. In Australia, December SPI futures were down 4 points to 5,028 after Friday’s fall on the physical market. But some reassurance from US Fed chair Janet Yellen on Friday, and the fact BHP and Rio Tinto were up 0.7% and 1.4% respectively in London means Europe and the Dow might be a better lead for trade on the ASX today. A nice little rally beckons.

2. In data this week, the new month gets under way later and with it, there’s a couple of important releases. The highlight offshore is Friday’s non-farm payrolls in the US, but PMIs kick off around the globe on Thursday, including the Chinese Caixin. Here we’ll watch consumer confidence tomorrow to see if the Turnbull effect is still in effect. Thursday is busy, but Friday has the big one – retail sales. Here’s the NAB’s excellent diary of all the key data and events.

3. Tips from the very top. Want to be a great leader? GE CEO Jack Welch already is, and he gave out all his best secrets in his management book, Winning, and his more biographical Jack: Straight from the Gut. So we’ve culled the 10 best leadership insights, just for you.

4. Lunch-shaming. If you’ve emptied your kids’ lunch box and found a note telling you the Choc Ripple you packed was confiscated, welcome to 2015. (And if you think it’s just a US thing, think again.) Next they’ll be telling kids they have to eat their banana skins as well, but the New York Times parenting blog “Motherlode” has a solution for how to strike back at teachers trying to teach you how to be a good parent, instead of maths.

5. Feel good, any time. Neuroscientist Dr Jacob Jolij, of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, was asked by British electronics brand Alba to check its survey results to see if there was any commonality in songs respondents described as uplifting. And there was – something about tempo, and something about key, something about lyrics. And from thatDr Jolij came up with this ultimate playlist , which, seeing as it’s Monday morning, you should be playing right now.

6. This is amazing:


At some stage recently, Google gave its Translate tool a major overhaul. Now, not only does it even seem to work, it works in real time. That, according to Ariel Schwartz, has completely changed the way she travels.

7. Everyone’s freaking out over what NASA is going to announce about its Mars finding this week. The confirmation of flowing water is the most likely thing it will announce at 1am tomorrow morning. But “life on Mars” are the words everyone wants to hear, and has done since they were a kid. This a great roundup of what everyone’s saying proves it.

8. Should you buy an iPhone 6S? Despite the fact she’s so far found nine things you can do with the new iPhone 6S that you can’t do with the iPhone 6, Lisa Eadicicco says she wouldn’t buy it. This is why.

9. 30? Then stop partying and start setting yourself up for a great rest-of-your-life. We’ve got 9 habits here to get into pronto, just to get you started.

10. A slideshow of history from way back in 2004 when “thefacebook.com” was finding its first million viewers. Josh Iverson was employed by ad sales agency Y2M to convince people the social network was the next big thing, and here’s what we believe is the first-ever sales pitch deck he used to squeeze $15,000 out of clients, which included Apple.

BONUS ITEM: The Hayne Plane arrived this morning, with a 37-yeard punt return, which is a good thing in the NFL.