10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

It’s been fun, mostly. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning and welcome to the last day of 2014-15.

1. The ASX had its biggest decline in two years yesterday with around $38 billion wiped off market capitalisation. Futures overnight have sold off further. Given today is the last day of the financial year, the outlook is difficult to predict. Will traders follow the offshore and futures? Or will fund managers put a floor under the market today to keep returns for the year as high as possible?

2. In Asia, the Nikkei came under heavy pressure from the news on Greece over the weekend. It was different story in Shanghai though, where the weekend PBOC cut initially saw the market rally more than 2%. But then it realised the economy is weakening and the PBOC is trying out a Bandaid, so the index was down around 7.5% at one point before recovering to finish down around 3%.

3. Today in data we get ANZ confidence, HIA home sales and RBA private sector credit. Housing and construction data is out in Japan and tonight we get German unemployment and a speech from RBA governor Stevens in London.

4. The next big move in global markets is nigh. If the S&P breaks lower, everything will go with it. If it holds, it will support most markets. That makes this morsel Greg McKenna pulled up the most important chart in the world right now:

S&P 500 Daily (Go Markets, MT4)

Here’s what to look for next.

5. ‘Spearfishing Huntress’ is taking over the internet. Valentine Thomas’ love of posting about spearfishing is fueling a huge surge in followers. Maybe it’s because she has so much empathy for her catch, “shooting them in the brain (so) they die immediately”:

Or maybe it’s because in many of the pictures she posts, “she’s often in a bikini, holding massive sea creatures that she’s killed with a spear”. Here’s the story so far of her rapid rise to social media stardom.

6. Would you pay $650,000 to have lunch with Warren Buffett? These two guys did in 2007, and here’s why they say it has proved to be worth every penny.

7. Q&A says it would have banned Zaky Mallah over a tweet, rather than his jihadist comments. Host Tony Jones opened last night’s show by defending Mallah’s appearance on the grounds that the ABC editorial charter demands that it offer a wide range of views. But if they’d known about this “very misogynistic” tweet about female journos Mallah posted earlier this year, he wouldn’t have made the cut.

8. Haven’t got any skills? In under three hours you can master all 17 of these impressive skills – such as identify fresh strawberries and fall asleep faster – and win your date for the prom.

9. Shoot your boss. One employee at the Texas Armoring Corporation got the honour from what was possibly a hotly-contested straw draw. TAC’s CEO was so confident in his company’s bulletproof windshields that he sat inside a Mercedes-Benz and got employees to open fire.

10. Wimbledon farewelled Lleyton Hewitt in classic battler style, when the veteran went down 3-6, 6-3, 4-6, 6-0, 11-9 loss to Jarkko Nieminen. But in doing so, he passed the superbrat Aussie torch to Nick Kyrgios, who had yet another meltdown in his otherwise impressive straight sets win over Diego Schwartzman. Kyrgios hated a line call so much, he told the chair umpire he wasn’t playing any more until an official came out to settle the matter:

“I will sit out here and wait. I’m not going to play. I’m going to get him to come out, that’s the rules.”

Stay classy, Nick.

BONUS ITEM: That time the President of the United States of America broke into “Amazing Grace” at a eulogy.

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