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Good morning.

1. After $3000, 100 hours on the phone and a temporary ADSL connection for four months, Marrickville resident Matt Dooley had had enough of waiting for Telstra to complete his NBN installation. So he went down to the store and staged a sit-in, and of course, staff called police. But the police took Dooley’s side.

“One was very technically minded and got it… This cop was running back and forth between us to negotiate so we didn’t have to talk to each other, talking about cables and routers and modems.”

The next day, everything Dooley needed was on his doorstep.

2. 2018 doesn’t feel good. That’s according to Eurasia Group’s president Ian Bremmer, who says that while markets are soaring, citizens are divided and “the global order is unravelling”. So here are the 10 things that have Eurasia Group worried in 2018. They even apologised. And here are Blackstone ace Byron Wein’s 10 “surprises” he thinks 2018 will spring on us.

3. In 2007, Warren Buffett wasn’t sold on hedge funds. So much so, he laid a bet with fund manager Protégé Partners – $US1 million that the S&P 500 would outperform a selection of hedge funds over 10 years. Here’s how much Buffett’s basket thrashed the hedge fund by.

4. Millennials are great at Snaps and feels. But they did a terrible job picking stocks in 2017:

  1. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) -3.14%
  2. Fitbit (FIT) -25.39%
  3. Snap (SNAP) -39.42%
  4. GoPro (GPRO) -13.81%
  5. Ford (F) +0.32%
  6. Apple (AAPL) +47.89%
  7. Twitter (TWTR) +48.97%
  8. General Electric (GE) -43.51%
  9. Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK) -40.04%
  10. Tesla (TSLA) +49.03%

That’s from Robinhood, the trading app popular with millennials.

5. They should stick to bitcoin. It spiked after a long layoff of ooh, nearly a week following reports Peter Thiel’s fund owns “hundreds of millions of dollars” of the cryptocurrency. And Ripple’s 37,000% rise in 2017 has made its co-founder one of the world’s richest people. Chris Larsen is suddenly worth about $US37 billion.

6. There’s also money to be made selling water to stupid rich people who spend way too much time Liking their friend’s posts about “nutrition”. The New York Times has a story about clever people selling “raw water” for about $4 a litre. “It has a vaguely mild sweetness, a nice smooth mouth feel, nothing that overwhelms the flavour profile,” one retailer told the Times. That might be the rotting possum just upstream around the bend.

7. Richard Feloni had the most lucrative job at BI in 2017. While others were driving Ferraris, Feloni was hanging with the likes of Tony Robbins, Reid Hoffman and Ray Dalio, learning how to buy Ferraris. And here are all the best lessons he picked up throughout the year.

8. Today in weapons, China reportedly tested a ballistic missile with a hypersonic glide vehicle, before the US and Russia did. But the US has this:

Click for the larger image of the coolest photo of a stealth bomber taken in 2018.

9. If you’re a pub cook and you’ve flipped about as many chicken schnitties as you can handle in one lifetime, how about a shift to the UK? You could cook for the Queen at Buckingham Palace, according to the listing. The pay’s not great, but you get six weeks off and can live on-site.

10. Do you have a poor sense of smell? Can’t pick an orange from coffee beans? Then you’re probably a psychopath. Get help. But if you’re okay with being a psychopath, we have some great role models for you. It’s a list of the most realistic nutjobs from 400 films, as rated by real pyschologists. And we’d all probably agree on the winner.

BONUS ITEM: Instagrammer of the Week is Russian spook fisherman Roman Fedortsov. Here’s his latest nightmare catch from the deep:

Have a great day.

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