10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

One hundred billion SexCoins. Picture: New Line Cinema

Good morning.

1. North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb which it can mount on a missile. South Korean authorities say they detected an artificial 6.3 magnitude quake at the time of the test. This morning, US president Donald Trump tweeted (with thanks):

And US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis came out of that meeting warning of a “massive” and “overwhelming” military reponse.

2. Markets don’t seem overly concerned just yet, although some money flowed into the yen and Swiss franc safe havens. US employment data missed estimates on Friday night, but continues to tick up, and the greenback remains vulnerable. The Aussie is starting to slide amongst all the geopolitical tensions at just below US80 cents. ASX200 futures traders have marked the local index higher… for now. Iron ore is surging.

3. A new month means the data cycle ramps up again, and there will be a heap of interest in the vibe around tomorrow’s rates call from the RBA. That’s because HSBC’s Australian economics team thinks the RBA is getting ready to hike and far sooner than what most people think. It’s using words like “early 2018”. And Wednesday marks the big drop on Australia’s Q2 GDP, followed on Thursday by retail sales. The PMIs keep rolling out around the globe, and we might get some hints of where US rates are headed in two weeks time when the Beige Book figures are released, also on Wednesday. For everything else, check out Sam Jacobs’ data diary.

4. In other battles, here are the best ones over seven seasons of Game of Thrones, ranked in order of gruesomeness. And here’s why Russian soldiers are riding around the Arctic on sleds pulled by reindeer, with bonus pics of Russian soldiers riding around the Arctic on sleds pulled by reindeer.

5. Remember Juicero, the ridiculously over-engineered $700 juice press that solved a problem that never existed? On the weekend, it joined the relentless march of startups that have shut down, taking hundreds of millions in investor cash down the drain with it. Or to Burning Man, which is where founder and raw food evangelist Doug Evans was having a great old time after news broke that his $US120m startup was a bust.

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6. We’ve got more details of the Kombi Volkswagen is bringing back in 2022. Start planning your epic road trip now, but don’t get too creative – the 2022 Kombi will be all-electric. Of course, it’s not really a Kombi until gets the fitout, but there’s plenty of room inside the “microbus” for a stove and a bunk:

7. Trump’s iPhone doesn’t have a web browser on it. It’s been disabled using a parental control, apparently – but that’s more to do with security concerns than any fears the Leader of the Free World might be getting too much screen time. Here’s how you can restrict your iPhone in the same way. And here are 19 hidden gems you need to add to your phone right now.

8. Trump also spends a lot of time reading the letter former president Barack Obama gave to him on his Inauguration Day. While Obama didn’t let any of his closest aides know what was in the letter, Trump has been showing to it Oval Office visitors, and eventually, the contents were bound to leak. So here are the four pieces of advice Obama gave to Trump.

9. Missed the Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple train? You can still get in on Sexcoin, PotCoin, F…Token and even PutinCoin if you’re quick. Here are all the bizarre cryptos trying to get a foothold right now.

10. Tim Cook is killing it. Contrary to reports he’s not a new product kind of guy, he’s overseen the rollout of the Apple Watch, Airpods and the acquisition of Beats. And Apple stock has outperformed 81% of the S&P 500 in the past three years, which is why Cook just landed 560,000 shares of Apple, worth $US89.2 million, as a bonus. Next, the iPhone 8 – and here are 13 things everyone is going to love about iOS 11.

BONUS ITEM: The putter wasn’t working, so the putter got broken:

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