10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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It’s Friday, and we’re in love with these 10 things.

1. Elon Musk left Trump’s advisory council, because Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate agreement. The US president made it official this morning, in line with the promise he made during his campaign. It will take years to unwind, but the planet can wait. And when it’s done, here’s what will happen between now and 2100, according to new modelling by researchers at Climate Interactive. And here’s that moment in 2009 when Trump urged Obama to lead by example:

2. Markets. It was a bumper night for US stocks on the back of some great data, with private payrolls and ISM manufacturing both ahead of expectations. In Australia, markets are positioning ahead of what may be a poor Q1 GDP print, but SPI Futures are up slightly for today. Iron ore is getting beaten up and the Australian dollar continues to lose ground.

3. The Tories are losing London. After trailing in April when the election was announced, Labour now has a 17% lead over Therese May’s Conservatives in the capital. Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that former UKIP leader Nigel Farage is a “person of interest” in the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia. And here’s why billionaire businessman Mark Cuban says Trump will never be tied to Russia.

4. Bitcoin is back on the way up after news that China’s three largest bitcoin exchanges are allowing customers to withdraw bitcoins from their accounts. It’s pushing $3200 this morning. If you still want in, there’s an easier, instant way you can bet on Bitcoin – but it’s not cheap.

5. The US added the world’s most advanced aircraft carrier to its Navy. The USS Gerald Ford cost a tidy $US14 billion and doesn’t use steam power. Somewhere a few thousand kilometres to the north-east, Russia added two of these nuclear-powered monstrosities to its Arctic fleet:

Arrival of the Northern Fleet nuclear submarine Oryol in the permanent base in Murmansk RussiaRussian Defence MinistryThe Oryol, a Russian nuclear submarine, joins the Northern Fleet in Murmansk on April 11, 2017.

Russian media said they’ll help phase “NATO out of the Arctic”.

6. Next, the skies. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s company Stratolaunch rolled out the biggest plane ever built. Woof:

Stratolaunch. (Source: supplied)

Its 117m wingspan kicks The Spruce Goose’s 97.5m to the kerb and it will need every inch to launch 250,000kg satellite payloads into Low Earth Orbit. We have loads of pics and video. Closer to the ground, Latvian company Aerones just helped Ingus Augstkalnsm complete the first skydive from a drone.

7. Today in domestic news, everything you thought you knew about parmesan cheese is wrong. And here’s an easy way to unshrink your clothes.

8. If you read a lot of tech news, you’ll have read something written by Walt Mossberg. For 12 years, he probably reviewed more PC and Apple devices than anyone on the planet for his Personal Tech column for the Wall Street Journal. And in that time, he probably received more personal phone calls and messages from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs than anyone on the planet. Mossberg is about to retire and in his last hurrah, he spilled the beans on how both tech titans responded to criticism.

9. We went in the “House of Outrageous Fortune”. New Yorkers might know it as 15 Central Park West, the ultra-luxury condiminium that’s home to Lloyd Blankfein, Dan Loeb and Denzel Washington. Unit 8B is for sale right now, for $US33 million. Take a stickybeak inside.

10. NBA finals start today, and it’s already an epic series. For the third year in a row, Steph Curry’s Warriors take on LeBron’s Cavaliers. That’s a run never seen before in the NBA, and a rivalry not seen since Jordan vs just about everyone else in the 90s. Last year, the Warriors had the Cavs on toast 3-1, before losing three in a row, but this year, they have Kevin Durant. Here’s how the experts say it will pan out. And here’s why the James vs Jordan debate will rage forever.

Have a great weekend.

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