10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Just another day in the life of a Royal. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. It got there. The Dow Jones Industrial Average blew through the 21,000 mark for the first time. It took just 24 trading days for the index to jump from 20,000, which is a tie for the fastest ascent between landmark intervals. And buoyed by that result, futures are pointing to a higher open for Australian stocks. The Aussie dollar continues to strengthen and people are again piling into Bitcoin.

2. Snapchat’s parent company will IPO tomorrow morning, hitting the NYSE at 1.30am AEDT. Investors have chipped in $US3.4 billion for 200 million shares, putting the opening price at $US17 a share. They’ll trade under the ticker SNAP, but there are many unconvinced about the company’s future, pointing to the deceleration of growth in Snapchat’s comparatively unremarkable user base:

“This could be the next Twitter, or worse, Myspace,” one hedge funder said.

3. We saw a new Donald Trump yesterday. There was a moment in Trump’s joint address to Congress in which CNN political commentator Van Jones noted Trump “became president of the United States”. In fact, Trump’s speech received generally glowing reviews. But if you’re looking for non-glowing reviews, Stephen Colbert is there for you. Dennis Green, meanwhile, noted Trump wasn’t looking like his usual “disheveled self”, and wore a tailored suit and even a classy tie. But what does it mean?

4. Rory McIlroy, who for no justifiable reason has been roundly attacked as a “fascist” for daring to play a game of golf with Trump, has opened up some more to reveal the strangest thing about his game with the US President. And talk about inspiration – Trump’s rise has Oprah Winfrey reconsidering whether she could be Leader of the Free World.

5. Here’s a piece penned by our treasurer, Scott Morrison, on why, as Australia’s economy puts the foot down, his party’s core task “remains lifting what Australians can earn”. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, a Twitter employee making $160,000 a year says he’s only just scraping by.

6. And here’s the Saudi king alighting from his plane via a golden escalator. He’s packed two lifts along in his 495 tonnes of luggage, and clearly shares a trend with other rich and powerful people who may or may not be a little stair-shy.

7. Here’s some footage you probably thought you’d never see – tornadoes on Mars:

8. The drive-thru – along with actual chicken – might be the next victim as fast food chains look to increase their bottom lines. McDonald’s in the US is trialing a system allowing customers to order and pay for their food before they arrive, and have it brought to their car.

9. You can read all about the film script-worthy allegations of extortion and mysterious deaths levelled against London’s best-known luxury property developers, Nick and Christian Candy. Just don’t miss the part where former Aussie soap and pop star Holly Valance, now Nick Candy’s wife, unfriended the accuser’s wife Emma, then asked a mutual friend to remove any photographs she had posted of Emma from Instagram. Nasty.

10. A USB car charger which can smash your car window and cut a seltbelt sounds silly. But think about how much you might one day regret not ponying up $28 for the Stinger, as you car is slowly claimed by the rising floodwaters, and you might see how its maker Ztylus could be onto something.

BONUS ITEM: The evil within that will not die:

Enjoy your day.

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