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Good morning.

1. We still have no idea about why Stephen Paddock opened fire from 32 storeys up on a Las Vegas concert crowd. But we have learnt that in the US, you can own 19 guns without setting off any “red flags” to neighbours. In fact, Paddock, who according to his brother was “not an avid gun guy”, had 42 guns between his home and hotel room. He took 23 of them into his Mandalay Bay Hotel room in 10 suitcases. And while machine guns are illegal to own in the US, you’re fine to fit a “bump stock” to a semi-automatic gun, which bounces it off your shoulder after firing, forcing you to pull the trigger again immediately. This is actually the sound of someone pulling a trigger incredibly quickly, hundreds of times:

And it’s perfectly legal.

2. What police do know is that Paddock was a high stakes gambler; a millionaire, according to his brother. He gambled with at least $US160,000 in the last couple of weeks. His weapons were fitted with long-range scopes and extended ammunition magazines. Special explosive powder used for long-range target practice was found in his car. There are reports he was mean to his girlfriend. And, according to ABC News, he had a camera set up and running in his room while he opened fire.

3. The RBA kept rates at 1.5% yesterday, as expected. But its tone, according to the ANZ, “continues to point to two RBA rate hikes next year”. There’s not a lot of exciting data locally today though, but a raft of PMIs will roll in from the US, UK and Europe. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is “still thinking” about Bitcoin, and Blackrock boss Larry Fink reckons we need a global currency, but all BTC is doing right now is proving how much money laundering is going on. US stocks continue to edge up, especially after Warren Buffett put the chances of Trump tax cuts being passed this year at “higher than most people think”.

4. Spotted in the Californian wild – Tesla’s electric truck?

Tesla semi possibleReddit/itookapicofarocketAn image of a semitrailer was posted to Reddit on Tuesday that some are speculating could be Tesla’s electric truck.

The person who posted it on Reddit’s Tesla thread has taken it down, and Tesla won’t comment, so it’s just a maybe right now. And Tesla shares traded down as much as 2.68% overnight after the company missed its Model 3 production target by a mile. Morgan Stanley says Buy.

5. Here’s a SpaceX employee on how Elon Musk adds some pepper to meetings:

“Elon to a meeting member: ‘You haven’t said anything. Why are you in here?'”

6. We need some cheering up right now, so here’s a picture of Harrison Ford punching Ryan Gosling in the face on the set for Blade Runner 2049:

And it was real. “I threw 80 punches,” Ford told Jimmy Fallon. “Seventy-nine of them missed him…” As for the movie itself, Jason Guerrasio says it’s a “stunning piece of sci-fi art”. But while we’re on actors versus actors, Jim Carrey just told an amazing story of the time Tommy Lee Jones told him “I hate you”. And he really did.

7. Spaceship, the startup super app which targets Millennials by investing in tech stocks, has made some changes. For starters, by actually investing 50% of its portfolio in tech stocks, because most of those crusty old funds were already investing just as heavily in tech stocks well before Spaceship came along. And it has cut its pricey fees – and reportedly, a couple of co-founders.

8. Trump visited Puerto Rico and gave Hurricane Maria victims the good news that only 16 people died in the storm, compared to the “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died” in Hurrican Katrina. “You can be very proud,” he said, before reminding them they had thrown his budget out of whack, and gave them all paper towels:

9. Neil deGrasse Tyson reckons that instead of packing the kids and dog into their cars and running away from hurricanes, scientists should figure out how to turn all that energy into electricity. Elsewhere, three other scientists won a Nobel Prize for detecting gravitational waves, so here’s why everyone should get excited about that.

10. Quick update from Yahoo, all 3 billion of its accounts were compromised in that 2013 hacking attack.

BONUS ITEM: Great. Now they can use nunchucks:

And catch any hammers we hurl at them.

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