10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. First, to markets, and US stocks started the year much better than they did in 2016. All the major indices ended up solidly, and crude rallied to an 18-month high before US dollar strength knocked it down. But the rock star this week is the FTSE – it’s into its fourth straight day of a record-breaking streak. And after yesterday’s strong opening, futures traders have the ASX 200 March contract just a single point down for today. The Australian dollar is gyrating and the iron ore rally is looking shaky.

2. There’s no harm in detoxing after a big holiday binge. None at all. But you should also know that it does absolutely nothing for you that your body isn’t already doing, unless your liver and kidneys are broken. Wait, did we say there’s no harm in detoxing? There’s plenty of harm in detoxing. And it’s expensive.

3. In 2010, Qantas Flight 32 took off from Singapore to Sydney. About 20 minutes into the flight, 22 of the 24 major systems needed to keep the plane up, died. Facing so many problems, the pilot took his hands off the controls, closed his eyes and made a decision that saved the lives of all 469 on board. This is a lesson in how to focus.

4. And this is a lesson in why you should never drink and fly. Luckily for his passengers, captain Miroslav Gronych passed out before he took off.

5. Julian Assange is sticking to his story that the leaked emails that dogged the Democrats during the US presidential election didn’t come from a Russian source. He even told Fox News he was 1000% sure they didn’t. That’s a lot of per cents.

6. Trump is bigger than Arnie. When the US President-Elect hosted The Celebrity Apprentice premiere in January last year, it pulled 6.8 million viewers. Yesterday, the Terminator stepped into the role for season eight – and only 4.9 million tuned in to hear his new catchphrase:

“You’re terminated.”

He even had Jessica Alba by his side as an adviser.

7. Heading home from the Christmas hols in China? Make sure you fill up before you get to the toll gate:

There’s more footage of that eye-watering 50-lane traffic jam here. They really need more ride-sharing services – researchers at MIT reckon 3000 four-passenger vehicles could handle the same amount of business as 14,000 taxis.

8. Something about Mariah Carey’s trainwreck NYE performance. Her manager Stella Bulochnikov has told Entertainment Weekly how it all went wrong, and says there was no lip-synching involved, just some dodgy in-ear devices. And a producer who refused to cut the feed faced with the prospect of a juicy viral moment. Bulochnikov’s response to request for a “joint statement” is worth the price of admission alone.

9. If you haven’t seen Rogue One yet, you should. It’s so good it makes you wonder whether there’s actually any point in releasing two more shiny ripoffs of the original trilogy, and rather just stick to Star Wars stories instead. Ahsoka, Grevious, Calrissian, Greedo – there’s so much good material to work with. But don’t hold your breath waiting for the “four-hour” cut of Rogue One. Two editors on the film, John Gilroy and Colin Goudie, said they can only recall 10 minutes, tops, of footage left on the floor when Disney ordered a reshoot. And this is what got added.

10. Women are most attractive to men when they’re 22. At 23, people are most satisfied with their lives. And your maths skills peak when you’re 50. That’s all from this list of the ages at which we all peak at stuff we’ve compiled from science. Timing is everything.

BONUS ITEM: Never steal a phone off a truck-driving ninja in China:

Have a great day.

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