10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Saw what you did there. Twice. Picture: Universal Pictures


1. Oil. Tech. Trump. Bonds. Markets don’t know which way to look right now. The Trump rally is still in effect, but tech pulled the Nasdaq down 1.52% overnight while oil surged again as it looked like the OPEC agreement is going to stick. Mainly because Putin said it would. At home, the December SPI 200 contract is down 12 points after yesterday’s big 60-point rally back to 5500. The dollar has climbed back over 74 cents while iron ore is… unpredictable.

2. It’s nearly Christmas, and you’re still doing Toblerone wrong. This is the proper way to bust off a triangle.

3. Scientists bonded silicon to carbon, in real life. It’s been done before with things like Liquid Nails, but this is a whole other level. They “forcefully evolved” it in bacteria. One excitable whitecoat said: “We can start asking, for the first time, what happens if you put silicon in place of carbon in living systems.”

Well, this:

Picture: NBC

No, really.

4. Apple says only a “very small number” of iPhone 6S devices are shutting down with 30% of their power left. Guess our staff at BI are very, very unlucky then, because we’ve seen several right in our US office do it. If you think around 70% power sounds familiar, it’s around the cap Samsung put on its batteries recently. But Apple says it’s not a safety issue, and have a website where you can check to see if your 6S is eligible for a battery replacement. But only the 6S, despite reports it’s also now affecting iPhones 6, 6 Plus and 6s Plus.

5. Podcast! It’s the final episode in our six-part series where we try to help you grow your business and plan for the future. No, no need to thank us – just listen in. This week our editor-in-chief Paul Colgan is joined by Nathan Anderson, COO at StartVR. They discuss how virtual reality is going to transform industries from communications to travel and education. Woo. Find the show on iTunes or just tune in here:

6. Donald Trump’s deal to keep 800 US jobs from moving to Mexico cost $7 million over 10 years. About $875 per year, per job. If you’re wondering whether the workers are happy, here’s video of the moment they were told they’d be moving to Mexico. It’s a deal that shows what the President-Elect understands about the politics of jobs that not many other politicians have done before him. He also understands Twitter, but starting January 20, if he cares to bother you, The Donald could text you anytime he wants. He has access to a special system.

7. Trump Tower has a Floor 7.5. Or Floor 13.5 if Portal’s more your thing. The building the New York Times has dubbed “White House North” has several public spaces that aren’t found on the building directory, like this one:

A photo posted by F(1)ederico (@fclittlebastard) on

Here’s why.

8. Buzz Aldrin, legend, was airlifted from the South Pole overnight. He was described as “ailing” but given he’s 86 and still traipsing across the Antarctic waste, that’s forgivable. He’s doing well in a Kiwi hospital:

Not doing so well is the Russian cargo ship which was meant to supply the ISS. It looks like it has crashed into the ocean. Somewhere.

9. Do you need a business idea? Here’s an easy way to find a good one – ask yourself these four questions. And if you’re looking for a revolutionary idea, Barack Obama’s chief data scientist has one very important question you need to ask yourself before you go any further.

10. While we’re on questions, after years of coaching successful people, Tony Robbins found they all asked themselves this same one about money. Then went on to make pots of it.

BONUS ITEM: The Mummy has already been remade in the clearest sign yet Hollywood has run out of ideas. Here’s the trailer, with Tom Cruise and a spooky chick with four irises:

Have a great weekend.

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