10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Caught bare-fingered. Kim Kardashian West heads home after the robbery. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. It’s Rates Day and nothing will happen. Of 25 economists polled by Bloomberg, all expect the cash rate to remain at 1.50%. More interesting will be Philip Lowe’s first monetary policy statement as RBA governor. Here’s why that could point to a fall in November. And it could still have some effect on markets. The Aussie dollar is back up near 77 cents as traders await the decision, but futures traders are betting it’s going to be a bad start on the ASX today with the December SPI 200 off 22 points.

2. How much rain have they had in South Australia this week? This much:

That’s the team from Lake Breeze wines in Langhorne making the most of a bad situation.

3. Uber is giving away free food in London if its meal delivery service, UberEats, get your order wrong or is late. Business Insider’s Rob Price found one customer who received £462.12 in meals this way and just to prove it’s real, Rob himself gorged on £180 of free food. It sounds great, but legendary VC Bill Gurley isn’t convinced, especially given Uber’s $1.27 billion loss in the first half of this year. Here’s why he says it’s “dangerous when we act like we have the right to disrupt everything or eat every industry, but we’re not willing to play by the rules of profitability“.

4. And here’s another investor banking on the future. A future where:

  • A lethal and contagious virus will be unleashed, or
  • Artificial intelligence will become sentient and and attack us, or
  • Countries around the world will wage war over scarce resources using nuclear weapons.

Y Combinator president Sam Altman says he doesn’t ever expect it to happen, but he has a bunker in Big Sur with a stockpile of guns, gold, antibiotics and gas masks from the Israeli Defence Force just in case.

5. In the same article, the New Yorker raises the issue of all our lives not being real. There’s a weird growing movement in Silicon Valley around the possibility we’re all living in someone else’s computer simulation. So much so that “two tech billionaires have gone so far as to secretly engage scientists to work on breaking us out of the simulation”. But Elon Musk is so tired of being asked about it, he’s banned it from any conversations with his brother in the hot tub.

6. Kim Kardashian West was robbed and had a gun held to her head. The alleged thieves were dressed as cops and they forced the concierge at West’s rented mansion in France to open her private apartment. And while West left Paris immediately after, shaken but unharmed, the thieves certainly knew what they were after – a ring and other jewellery they stole were worth up to $US11 million. Here’s Kanye cutting his show short when he heard the news:

7. Donald Trump’s tax returns are out. At least, some of them, leaked to the New York Times. They show that the real estate mogul lost $US916 million in 1995, which amounts to something like 2% of losses claimed in all of USA that year. Impressive. Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani even went so far as to say it showed Trump was a “genius” but Trump’s leaked returns may also help explain why he wants to end the estate tax.

8. Still on crime, and one of Christopher Pyne’s staffers is in a bit of trouble. Jack Walker, a policy adviser to Pyne, and eight of his friends were arrested in Sepang on Sunday after stripping down to their undies and drinking beer from their shoes after Daniel Ricciardo won the Malaysian Grand Prix. Walker and his mates’ undies were decorated with the Malaysian flag. Obviously. And they’ll spend at least another three days in jail while authorities figure out what to do with them.

9. Travel filmmaker Brandon Li was flying a drone high above Hong Kong, searching for epic shots of the sunset. Instead, he got this epic shot of two newlyweds laying on a roof:

Accidental drone shot. Help me find this couple! #drone #accidental #serendipity #newlyweds

A photo posted by Brandon Li (@brandon_l_li) on

Now he’s trying to find out who they are.

10. We’re not trying to make you paranoid about your job, honest. But here are 9 signs you can’t trust your co-workers, especially the gossipy ones and the suck-ups. And here are 12 signs your co-workers think you’re dumb.

Have a great day.

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