10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Well, look what we have here…

1. Sepp Blatter’s finally going to resign from his 17-year reign as president of FIFA. He’s never been found guilty in years of allegations of corruption and internal investigations that have dogged his tenure, but the US Department of Justice has had enough. Last week, it ordered the arrest of nine FIFA officials over dodgy deals done for football tournaments in the Americas. At the time, Blatter said if he resigned, he’d look “guilty”, so on Friday, he was re-elected as FIFA’s president. This morning, he announced he’s bailing. Here’s all the updates:

And here’s what Australia’s FFA thought about it all:

2. “A US-China war is inevitable in the South China Sea.” That’s an alarming line from China’s state tabloid The Global Post, writing about any US attempt to interfere in China’s 12-month spate of building islands on top of 800ha of reefs. Linette Lopez has an excellent piece on China’s obvious game to deflect its peoples’ attention away from slowing growth, mounting debt, and defaulting property companies. Here’s why the game it’s playing is incredibly dangerous.

3. To the markets, where the local version has started the month on the back foot and been down sharply these past couple of days. Morgan Stanley’s local team has two charts which might explain why prices are under downward pressure in cyclical terms. Shanghai stocks are, as usual, ridiculously strong, especially given the wave of IPOs this week. Chinese mutual funds have raised 800 billion yuan in the first five months of 2015 – twice the amount of cash raised in 2014.

4. GDP is out today, at 11.30am AEST. Annualised growth is tipped to slow sharply despite expectations for a robust quarterly result. David Scutt has all you need to know about what to expect from the release, so sharpen up here. And if you’re worried about where we’re at, here’s what GDP growth looks like around the world right now:

5. Bugger. Less than 24 hours after governor Glenn Stevens and the RBA put rates on hold for another month, the Aussie dollar lifted off. That’s because news overnight that European inflation is rising and Greece is close to a deal lifted the euro up into the 1.1150 region. The Battler is up more than 2% and closing in on 78 cents, further proof, if you still need it, that there’s only so much the RBA can do in the face of global economic forces.

6. Your eyes can’t be trusted. Here’s 10 mind-melting optical illusions that will make you question reality, just for some morning kicks.

7. Standing desks are more than a fad. They’re officially good for you, according to new health authority recommendations out of the UK which say you should be standing for at least two hours of work each day, ideally four hours. Sitting, they say, should be on the cautionary list of Don’ts alongside smoking, drinking and poor nutrition.

8. Here’s some unwelcome news for home buyers trying to break Sydney’s property market – there’s plenty of room for it to reach new heights of insanity. Sam Ferraro, who developed the “Jamie Durie Index” a decade ago to chart the amount of mentions the celeb renovator scored in the media, has pulled together a range of points which he says are “hardly ingredients of a property bubble”.

9. Humans are approaching 1607 km/h on land. You might know that as 1000 mph, or nearly 230 mph faster than the current land speed record. After seven years of development, British nutters Andy Green (also a Wing Commander) and Richard Noble are almost ready to push their Bloodhound rocket/jet car to the incredible milestone across a desert in South Africa. How do we know? Because they just gave the Bloodhound SSC a shiny paint job.

10. You might be sabotaging your career and not know it. Career development specialist Sylvia Hepler says just about everyone has bad habits. Some – cricitcising the boss and blaming everyone else – are obviously not great for your career. Others – procrastinating and being overtly emotional – can be blind spots. So Hepler’s given us this great list of 12 bad behaviours to knock out of your daily routine, stat.

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