10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

A glass-bottom selfie in China. Photo: Getty Images

Good morning. Let the festival of the boot begin!

1. It’s grand final time! The Hawks and Eagles take on Bryan Adams… No, wait! It’s Hawthorn versus West Coast in the AFL grand final on Saturday afternoon at the MCG. Bryan Adams is just the Canadian pop-rocker responsible for ’90s songs such as ‘Run to You’ and ‘Summer of 69’, continuing the AFL’s proud tradition of superannuated, imported musical entertainment. Chris Isaak’s swinging by too, but at least he’s kinda local at the moment. Adams himself summed it up best when he said yesterday: “When I came in this morning on the plane the guy said to me, ‘I hope you do better than Meat Loaf’.” Meanwhile, head says Hawks, hearts says Eagles.

In Sydney, it’s an all Queensland affair, between the Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys, while the band’s from Adelaide. Go Cold Chisel! Oh and the Cowboys.

2. To the markets, the Australian retail sales report for August is out this morning and there will be fingers crossed after the unexpected fall in July. The Australian and Japanese markets rallied yesterday to start the month but the news wasn’t as good overnight, with Europe in the red and only the UK in positive territory. The US was more positive with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq ending in the black, but the Dow was down after both the Markit PMI and ISM disappointed. With Sydney getting ready to take Monday off, the December SPI 200 futures are suggesting a 5 point fall today. Offshore, US non-farm payrolls land at 10.30pm AEST tonight.

3 And there’s been yet another school shooting in the US, with 13 killed and 20 injured at Umpqua Community College in Oregon overnight. The gunman is also reportedly dead. America, we mourn with you. This has to stop.

4. What did you do in the streaming wars of 2015, daddy? Well, try not to get caught up in the fight with Amazon, which plans to stop selling Apple and Google video streaming devices on its site from October 29. Video streaming hardware that does support Amazon’s Prime Video, like Roku, XBOX and Playstation, gets to stay. Take that, Cook and Brin. Kapow! Biff!

5. What Mike did next. As he’s flagged previously, ANZ boss Mike Smith announced he’s riding off into the sunset at the end of the year, to be replaced by CFO Shayne Elliott. But he’s going to hang around as a NED on the board for at least a year and will still collect his $3.4 million base pay until at least July next year. So here’s what the Asia-focused businessmen will be doing next. Business advisor to Malcolm Turnbull? He hasn’t ruled out public service, after all and after the new PM moved on Maurice Newman, the position’s vacant.

6. That Mars water. Watching it is rather mesmerising. We’ve got more images here.

7. Lululemon is Dior for yoga bunnies. The colourful lycra maker’s success has spawned competitors and 26-year-old Tyler Haney is coming after the brand with hipster fashion that’s all high-wasted pants and tiny crop tops, which, if you’re old enough to remember, we used to call the 1980s. When your kids start asking for Outdoor Voices gear, you can say you read about it here first.

8. Ex-Googler Sanmay Ved was the best cyber-squatter ever. He bought the domain Google.com for $US12 after searching Google’s website buying service and seeing it was available. He added it to his shopping cart and, surprisingly, the transaction went through. Oops. “The scary part was I had access to the webmaster controls for a minute,” Ved said. Who knows whether someone at Google forgot to pay the $12 to renew or there was some other glitch, but 60 seconds later Google Domains cancelled the sale, saying someone had registered the site before he could, and refunded Ved’s $12. Some guys at the internet giant must have tinnitus after Sergey Brin found out.

9. Don’t look down.The Haohan Bridge — aka the “Brave Men’s Bridge” — is the world’s longest glass-bottom bridge at 300 metres (984 feet), sitting 180 metres above a gorge in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in China’s Hunan Province. The glass is apparently 25 times stronger than windows, but we suspect Bruce Lee could still ram a bad guy through it.

10. Damn you, Logan Dodds and your Kiwi love of fun, This tradie from Auckland spent three months filming his European trip with a GoPro Hero 3. We wouldn’t mind hanging out with this bro on his next adventure.

BONUS ITEM: Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is the world’s second most richest man and is selling his 25 room New York mansion. Here’s what his 1860 sqm digs look like. With a $US80 million ($AU114m) price tag, it’s one of the few properties in the world that can make Sydney look cheap.

Have a great long weekend (if your state’s a Labour Day fan) and go Cowboys!

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