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TBS-JNNNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un lights a cigarette at China’s Nanning rail station on his way to Vietnam.

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1. Cardinal George Pell could be in jail by the end of today following his conviction for sexually assaulting two choirboys back in the 1990s. The conviction could finally be reported yesterday after a suppression order was lifted which was in place to protect the process of another possible trial, which will now not be going ahead. Pell could secure bail pending an appeal, but it’s also possible the judge will order him to be taken into custody pending sentencing.

2. India launched airstrikes across its border with Pakistan in a military escalation after a terror attack in Kashmir left 40 Indian troops dead. Worryingly, Pakistan has hinted that it could use nuclear bombs in response.

3. US President Donald Trump has landed in Vietnam for his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. It is their second summit and they will discuss how to implement North Korea’s pledge to give up nuclear weapons.

4. Iron ore prices are still sliding. The exchange announced late Tuesday that individual foreign investors will now be able to participate in iron ore contracts. Dalian iron ore futures rose modestly in overnight trade, but spot prices are still sliding. Here’s a look at the chart:

5. US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is set to return to Capitol Hill to appear before the House Financial Services Committee. In prepared testimony, he said the outlook for the US economy remains solid but new strains have emerged over the last year.

6. People in rich countries will die because they aren’t getting measles shots, Microsoft’s billionaire cofounder Bill Gates has warned. He addressed anti-vaxxer parents in a Reddit “ask me anything” post.

7. No-deal Brexit panic. The UK government is holding emergency talks with industry leaders after discovering the country doesn’t have the right pallets to continue exporting goods to the European Union if it leaves without a deal next month.

8. Hidden TV cameras caught Kim Jong Un taking a cigarette break in China on his epic train journey to his summit with Trump. Photos are now doing the rounds on social media.

9. Goldman Sachs believes Samsung’s new folding phone could be a genuine threat to Apple’s iPhone. An analyst from the investment bank told clients that Apple’s iPhone range might be two years behind the curve.

10. Porsche just confirmed that the best-selling Macan SUV will soon be all electric. It is the brand’s best-selling model and accounts for nearly half of its total sales.

BONUS ITEM: ICYMI, an astrophotography enthusiast has captured a sensational photo of the Earth’s moon without the help of high-powered imaging tools.

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I created an 81 megapixel image of Tuesdays moon. This is a reprocess of the one I posted on Wednesday, which had considerable noise I tried to disguise as stars. If you want to download the high resolution version for a phone or computer background, follow the link in my bio if you want to buy a print. . . . . . . #orion #skywatcher #skywatchertelescope #oriontelescopes #astrophotography #astronomy #nightphotography #space #sonyalpha #sonyalpha7ii #slypark #sonyimages #nightphotography #sacramentophotographer #amateurastronomy #amateurastrophotography #amateurastronomer #spacenerd #cosmos #astro #starrynight #milkyway #nightshooters #universe #telescope #astrophotographer #stargazers #deepspace #lunar #moon #earthshine

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