10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

YOLO, stunt drivers and North Korean fighter pilots. Picture: Ken Block/YouTube

Good morning.

1. You might have seen those images of thousands of share-bikes piling up in the streets of China as users dump and run without care. Now, with the arrival of a couple of startups in Australia, it’s starting to happen in Sydney and Melbourne. The most ReddyGo and oBike will admit to is “some users” and “a few” are dumping bikes, but this 7 News video of police fishing for bikes tells a different story:

2. North Korea claims it would shoot down US bombers, now that the two countries are, apparently, “at war”. And because the two countries are actually at a cease fire, a North Korean jet could certainly get close enough to fire off a shot and have a good chance of it hitting. But it would be the last shot, ever. And anyway, America’s top general just tipped China to be the “greatest threat” to his nation by 2025.

3. Markets and the US dollar is back, putting on gains for a third straight session after the euro started to fall following the German election. That sent the Aussie back down for a close below US79 cents for the first time in more than a month. Global stocks hit the snooze button and the ASX200 will try again after another promising opening failed to pull it off the bottom of its recent trading range. At least iron ore is back in vogue.

4. Are drones a threat? Not if you’ve got Lockheed Martin’s ATHENA 30kW laser beam on your side to burn them out of the sky. It costs about $1 to fire, which compared favourably to the $3 million Patriot missile the US Army used recently to shoot down a $200 drone. Here’s the video of it in action. And here’s a much more tragic video of an Italian pilot losing control of his Eurofighter at an air show on Sunday:

5. It’s hard to find an entry point into the story of London property tycoons, the Candy brothers, so let’s just go with the fact one of them, Nick, is married to former Neighbours star Holly Valance. They’re being sued for £132 million, accused of putting the heavy on another developer they loaned money to, and this week, the court got a 14-page statement from one witness which read like a movie script. Katy Perry, superyachts, Russian spies and Kylie Minogue – it’s got it all.

6. Twitter folded. It has begun testing a new limit of 280 characters for all languages because, according to excitable product manager Aliza Rosen, “when people don’t have to cram their thoughts into 140 characters and actually have some to spare, we see more people Tweeting — which is awesome!” But here’s why Japanese, Chinese and Korean users don’t get the upgrade.

7. Here’s a look inside the first Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, set to enters service in December between Melbourne and LA. That storage locker in economy is a surefire winner:

There’s also a self-service bar.

8. The parents of Otto Warmbier have spoken publicly for the first time since their son died in a coma after being released from a North Korean jail in June. The details of the state they found their son in when his plane landed on US soil are heartbreaking.

9. This is the face of a broken man:

This is how he “lost his nachos”:

But you need to see how happy he was after the Cubs shortstop brought him a new plate.

10. Welcome to 2017, Saudi Arabia! Or even 1900, which is when the first woman was granted a driver’s licence. Yes, it’s taken 117 years for the Saudis to catch up, now they’re over their fear of what such wild behaviour can do to a womans’ ovaries. In other driving news, Morgan Stanley reckons the number of Teslas on our roads will triple by 2019.

BONUS ITEM: Ken Block attacked the mountain:

The full video – one for the revheads – is here.

Have a great day.

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