10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

The SR-71. Picture: USAF


1. Four US Navy ships have been involved in collisions this year. That’s not just unusual – it’s close to technically impossible. And it’s cost 17 sailors their lives. “There’s something more than just human error going on,” Jeff Stutzman, a former Navy information warfare specialist, reckons. And really, he’s just putting into words what everybody is thinking – someone is hacking the US Navy’s GPS.

2. So, while we’re on a geopolitical conspiracy roll:

3. Gah. Markets have gone to sleep until something happens in Jackson Hole tonight. And it’s a good bet it will, because both US Fed chair Janet Yellen and ECB president Mario Draghi are on stage. It’s all quiet on the ASX as well with the 200 range bound, but Qantas has kicked things off early with the second-highest underlying profit result in its 97-year history. The Aussie dollar remains at US79 cents this morning.

4. Podcasts make Fridays even better. Our latest episode of Devils and Details covers everything from Trump and the threat of a US government shutdown to capital controls in China, Queensland construction companies going bust, Telstra and the sad state of rugby. BI’s Paul Colgan and David Scutt are joined by Chris Weston of IG Markets to chew on it all. And of course, there’s talk of the fight on Sunday. Tune in below or find us on iTunes:

5. One day, after all the wars and global warming, all the humans will be dead, and things will return to normal. Plants will make sure of that, like they already are just seven years after the people of Fukushima dropped everything and ran:

That’s from this eerie video by Asahi Shimbun photographer Tetsuro Takehana, who lived in Fukushima Prefecture for 10 years.

6. Mavis L. Wanczyk, 52, rang her employer yesterday to tell them she wouldn’t be coming in – ever again. Because she’d just won the largest lottery prize in US history. Here’s the first thing she wanted to do since becoming $960 million richer.

7. More than 100 boxing doctors say the Mayweather-McGregor fight should not have been allowed and fear somebody will get “really hurt”. And by someone, they mean McGregor could get really hurt, like UFC veteran Tim Hague in June when he died after being knocked out in his fourth boxing match. If you think Mayweather will win, here’s how much you have to bet on him to win back the price of booking the fight.

8. Here’s some fresh data showing apps millennials can’t go without:

Did you spot the obvious omission?

9. Zlatan will stay at Manchester United for at least one more year. And what you think about that doesn’t matter, because all that matters to Zlatan is what Zlatan thinks about Zlatan, which is this:

10. NASA has released footage of the world’s fastest manned aircraft – the legendary SR-71 Blackbird. It could travel at at Mach 3, fast enough to actually outrun all the missiles. There were only 32 made before it was retired in 1998, but a Mach 6 version is reportedly in develop- wait… there were 32 Blackbirds made?

BONUS TIME: What would you do if you found out Coach used to tour with MC Hammer? You’d yell “DO THE DANCE” until he did:

Have a great weekend. It’s getting warmer.

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