10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Welcome to Brexit Week. On Wednesday in the UK, PM Theresa May will formally notify the EU that it’s out after 28 years of doing business together. It’s the country’s biggest political move since the end of WWII, so here’s a primer to get you up to speed, answering the big questions:

  • What is Article 50?
  • How did this happen?
  • What are the implications, and
  • What happens next?

2. Markets in the US are jittery about whether Trump can pull off his tax reforms by August, and Brexit hangs heavily over Europe, so everything finished a bit muted Friday. The ASX felt the squeeze and futures point to quiet opening today. Iron ore tanked again, and all eyes will be on Perth midweek, at the Global Iron Ore & Steel Forecast conference. The Aussie dollar is loitering.

3. It was a terrible weekend for the US President. His healthcare plan exploded when it was pulled from the House floor after it became clear it would not have enough votes to pass. Along with news of more investigations into collusion with Russia during the election, it capped Trump’s worst week as President. He remained upbeat:

4. It was a big weekend for Apple. It had a big victory in China, overturning a ban on iPhone sales, it totally dissed WikiLeaks, and it was the subject of this Matt Weinberger piece about how it can build a 1000-year empire. 1000 years!

5. And it was a big weekend for Ferrari. In Italy’s second home town of Melbourne, the Prancing Horse upset the heavy favourites as Sebastien Vettel scored its first Australian GP win in 10 years. It’s been 1625 days since a Ferrari driver topped the points table. Sadly, it was an awful day for Daniel Ricciardo, who started at the back of the grid due to a gearbox failure, then the whole shebang failed on him 29 laps in. “Let’s get the f..k out of here,” he radioed to the team. Vettel did much the same this morning, in this kind of creepy fan video at Melbourne Airport, where he seemed a bit flustered and joined the premium economy queue:

6. Telly is the best. But do you really need it? When she had a nagging feeling that watching Grey’s Anatomy might be less than productive, Cadence Bembenek decided to go cold turkey. Two years after breaking up with TV entirely, here’s what she’s learned.

7. And here’s what you need to know before locking yourself in the bedroom for two weeks with the new “Mass Effect” game.

8. What’s the difference between rich people and poor people? Rich people have more money, obviously. But we took a look at how high-earners spend their money compared to low-income earners, and the results were much more surprising then we expected.

9. Here’s a curly one – literally. India’s left arm wrist-spinner Kuldeep Yadav rocked the Aussies with four wickets on day one of the Fourth Test. Yadav’s style to a right-hand batsmen has colloquially been known as “chinaman” since it was used in the 1930s to describe the unusual action of West Indies bowler Ellis Achong, who was of Chinese origin. Sydney Morning Herald journalist Andrew Wu wants it to end:

So far, popular opinion’s not on Andrew’s side. As for the match, right-arm off-break Australian Nathan Lyon took four late wickets to pull the Indians back to 6-248, 52 runs shy of Australia’s first innings total.

10. Saving you from yourself. Today it’s How To Not Look Ridiculous When Starting A New Job, because just about everyone makes the same simple error. And here are 13 Rules For Using Commas Without Looking, Like, An Idiot. Our pleasure.

BONUS ITEM: Don’t you just hate coworkers who sit and spin in their chairs all day?

Have a great week.

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