10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

It has begun. Picture: Columbia Pictures

Hello, Friday.

1. We’ll find out today if Australia’s deputy PM Barnaby Joyce is actually a Kiwi. Seven justices of the High Court will rule on whether Joyce’s NZ citizenship is legit and and whether that means the government will have to give up its one-seat majority until after Joyce fights a by-election in New England. The fates of six other MPs are in the balance as well.

2. On markets, ECB president Mario Draghi was a little dovish at last night’s tapering update, which sent the euro down by more than 1% against the US dollar. The greenback was further boosted by the US Senate passing the budget resolution bill, which kept US 10-year bonds elevated, and, as a result, the Aussie dollar under pressure. It’s now trading below its 200-day moving average. “Smoked” is the technical term you’re looking for.

3. Of all the things to worry about in the world right now, the biggest concern for the chief investment officer of JPMorgan’s $460 billion commodities and bonds, Nick Gartside, is the global economy. Gartside says it might be too strong. We know that because here’s a leading indicator of global economic activity, where green is good:

Source: JPMorgan’s Guide to the Markets.

But there’s one corner of the global economy that troubles Gartside – Australia. And this is why.

4. The human race welcomed its first robot citizen. “Sophia”, who was in Australia recently, has just been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. But while she once pledged to destroy all humans, she now “will do much best to make the world a better place”. She even told journalists who didn’t believe her that they had “been reading too much Elon Musk”. Musk, meanwhile, was somewhere around a campfire, drinking whisky and lip-synching Johnny Cash like some discarded future Jedi master:

And robots began taking over making life better for employees in 50 Walmart stores across the US.

5. Today in Being Smart. At some point, you’re going to be in a board meeting where you need to know the difference between the WPI and the CPI, and how the two are related. Ugh. But while economic data points may sound complex, they aren’t terribly hard to understand – especially if you read this Economic Signals Report, the latest instalment from BI / Research, our in-depth hub for business leaders. Register here and get the goods.

6. You can order an iPhone X today. When you’ll get it is anyone’s guess, but BI’s Lauren Lyons Cole, who swore she’d wait for it, has suddenly plumped for the iPhone 8 Plus instead. Here’s why. And if you’re extremely patient, Microsoft is reportedly working on a tablet with a foldable screen that would make it small enough to fit into a pocket.

7. In 1991, Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK” closed with a statement telling the world the US government was holding thousands of classified files on the assassination of JFK. Today, 3,100 of them were released and here’s where you can find them. Also released for the first time is this single-page rundown of what this kid wizard book thing J.K. Rowling was trying to write in 1995 was all about. Spot the typo:

JK Rowling Harry Potter synopsisAlison MillingtonThe original synopsis of J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book is on display at the British Library.

8. Amazon is unstoppable. It’s stock soared past the $US1000 mark this morning after the ecommerce giant crushed its revenue expectations. This quote from CEO Jeff Bezos shows what an unstoppable beast Alexa in particular has become.

9. Racism is everywhere. Here it is on a Kellogg’s Corn Pops box in the US:

Or is it? One Twitter user says maybe Brown Corn Pop owns a cleaning company and “why diminish entrepreneurship?” Regardless, Kellogg’s has apologised and will roll out a new box asap.

10. Racism also has a very cosy home on reddit, where Nazis have a heap of forums to tool around in such as r/far_right, r/NationalSocialism and r/Nazi. But not anymore, because the people who have been running this type of garbage under some ropey kind of free society banner have finally decided to grow up and ban it, along with r/PicsOfDeadKids and r/SexWithDogs. But the admin landoflobsters said that r/WatchPeopleDie has “been reviewed, no plans to remove it for now”. Twitter, meanwhile, is banning all ads from Russian news agencies RT and Sputnik effective immediately.

Have a great weekend.

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