10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Oil! Picture: Summit Entertainment

Good morning.

1. Love Facebook? ‘Course you do. It just makes sense that you want to keep in touch, keep up to speed, and keep plugging your work to 15 million other Australians. Georgetown Uni professor Cal Newport says that’s fine:

“You’re justified in using a network tool if you can identify any possible benefit to its use, or anything you might possibly miss out on if you don’t use it.”

But here’s why, according to Newport, the thing that makes you love Facebook could also be the thing that’s killing your career.

2. To markets, and oil went nuts after OPEC agreed to cut production. Crude jumped by 6% and the energy sector drove markets and currencies higher. The moves also have futures traders on the ASX excited and they took the December SPI contract 41 points higher overnight. The Australian dollar just closed at a 6-week high and is back testing 77 cents.

And it’s dividend payment day at the CBA today. The bank told Greg McKenna it’s about to pay $3.808 billion in dividends shared across “more than 800,000 Australian households”. There’s another $4 billion to come from other companies this week, so expect moods to lighten and some of that cash to come back into the market.

3. This looks like the best way to get back the headphone jack Apple removed from the iPhone 7. And it doesn’t involve being very, very stupid.

4. In other tech news, Samsung may now have an exploding washing machine problem. And the Anti-Defamation League has declared “Pepe the Frog” a hate symbol.

5. Mercedes will unveil its first electric SUV concept tomorrow:

Here’s what we know about it. And here are the most hilarious best concept cars we have seen this year:

6. Political mind games are great. There’s a theory kicking around that Hillary Clinton psychologically manipulated Donald Trump to abandon his signature red tie at Monday’s debate. And it looks like the Clinton camp had a full campaign waiting in the wings for the moment Clinton sucked Trump into a conversation about fat-shaming Miss Universe 1996, Alicia Machado. But was the Trump camp prepared for that? When you consider Machado’s admission overnight that she may have been party to a murder and threatened to kill a judge, you might think maybe yes, yes the Trump camp was very prepared to be talking about Alicia Machado at some point.

7. Australia isn’t where you think it is. Unless you’re a geoscientist, in which case you’ll know we’ve drifted about 1.5 metres north since the last time GPS systems were updated. It’s more interesting than important this time around. But in 1994, it was out by 200 metres, which would have proved interesting for self-driving cars if they were a thing.

8. Selling someone else’s kidney is wrong. But this economist thinks a properly-orchestrated organ market could save lives. So here’s a surprisingly thought-provoking post about why we should consider paying people to give up their body parts.

9. You might remember Moby from the 90s, aka DJ Richard Hall who had a huge hit with the album “Play”. He made loads of cash, and still puts out albums, but he also opened a vegan restaurant. He loves it, but if you’re thinking about how much you’d love to own a restaurant, here’s what Moby just said to New York’s Grub Street magazine about it:

If you’re really lucky, you break even… it’s probably easier and less stressful to just burn your money in the front yard.

10. An international panel confirmed what everybody already knew about the missile that downed MH17. US Secretary of State John Kerry just threatened Vladimir Putin over the “bloody chess” game being played over Syria. Here’s how the US’s nuclear weapons compare to Russia’s.

BONUS ITEM: Here’s how Team USA’s giant fighting robot handles a wrecking ball:

Have a great day.