10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Today’s 10 things you need to know are brought to you by Tower One, International Towers Sydney. Discover how a working environment that is healthy for people is also good for the bottom line.
Best go study the old diagram, America. Picture: BBC

Happy Friday!

1. Well, it’s a big day for traders anyway. That’s because they’re awaiting the Bank of Japan’s decision on monetary policy around 1pm today. Along with its rate descision could be an announcement that the BoJ will break a central banking taboo and authorise “helicopter money” as part of its 28 trillion yen stimulus package. If so, it’s game on, all over the world. Until then, all else is quiet. SPI futures are up another 8 points, hinting at another positive day for the local market when the ASX opens at 10am. The Aussie dollar hit a high around 0.7550 but it’s back near 75 cents now. That could change after 1pm. And iron ore has surged above $60 a tonne.

2. On July 3, a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) was detonated in a crowded street in Baghdad’s Karrada neighbourhood. Up to 30 people died from the initial explosion. The final death toll was 292. The explosion left no distinctive crater and enough buildings in the area intact to have Western security experts worried. “It was unique, strange, and terrible,” one said. Another described the blast “as hot as the surface of the sun”. Here’s why they’re worried ISIS has created a new type of bomb.

3. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been posting a lot of stuff about Pokémon lately. You might be really, really sick of seeing it and if so, your eyes may have glazed over by now. But please, if you want an idea of how this phenomenon has unfolded, read this article by Kirsten Acuna, who headed to New York’s Central Park one night this week because rare Pokémon are known to hang out there. This is what she found, at 10pm on a Wednesday night:

It’s so popular “a series of food carts are now permanently parked around all four sides of the plaza”. Extraordinary. And if you need more, here’s a story about a bridge in Dusseldorf which has PokeStops at either end. It’s so popular, the mayor has blocked it off so that players can catch pocket monsters in safety.

4. Kif Leswing snooped around the frosted windows of the building in Sunnyvale, California, where Apple is allegedly working on its car project. There wasn’t a lot to report, but he did see something unusual – a brand new Tesla X SUV. There’s only about 7000 in the US, so that made the other thing Kif saw even more unusual – another brand new Tesla X SUV. But here’s the hire Apple just revealed which may point to the fact it’s more interested in the software side of all that technology, rather than wheels and electric engines.

5. All that money, all that time, all those failures. When all we really want to know about the $100 million F-35s defending our airspace sometime in the future is “How good are its guns?” So now, here’s video of the first successful test of the F-35B’s gun pod, and it’s… effective. That’s the underslung bit, as opposed to the F-35A’s integrated weapon. And just because it’s awesome, here’s the gun pod taken off the legendary A-10 Warthog:

6. And while we’re comparing underslung weaponry, here’s how long the average man lasts in bed. Science studied it.

7. Did you crawl out of bed feeling awful and not wanting to go to work today? How would you like to crawl out of bed feeling awful every day, but still look forward to going to work? Then you’ve 12 days to apply for Smithsonian Institute’s latest post – three years traveling around the US, sipping beer and researching the history of American brewing. You’ll get $85,000 a year.

8. If Donald Trump wants to become US president – and he does, or he wouldn’t be running for it – he almost certainly needs to win battleground state Pennsylvania. So here’s good news for the Trump-haters – polls have Hillary Clinton with a hefty 9-point lead in PA. But in another alarming example of rational American decision-making, someone saw actor Bradley Cooper in attendance at the Democratic National Convention. As in, the guy who played real-life Navy SEAL hero Chris Kyle in American Sniper. Roll the hilarious outraged tweets:

9. The Rio Olympics are just over a week away and waters still have human waste solids floating in them. They’re so bad that swimmers are being told to “keep their mouths closed”. Ew. But spare a thought for the US team which just moved into its rooms only to find there’s not enough charges to help keep them on top of their social media game. This is a disaster.

10. More earnings. It was Amazon’s time to shine today, booking $US857 million in setting its third straight record-high quarterly profit. Cash flows are up 42%, AWS revenue is up 58% and earnings per share stand at $1.78 per share versus $1.11 per share estimated. Happy days. Over at Google – Alphabet – it’s also a beat. It lost more than a billion on bets like Nest and Fibre, but its cloud business, Play Store revenues and hardware sales were $US2.17 billion, up 33% year-over-year.

BONUS ITEM: Our Throwback Friday tribute for all the swimmers in Rio:

Have a great weekend.

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