10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

McLarenNeed a lift?

1. First, to markets, but it’s all a bit calm and certainly unlikely to get worse than yesterday’s crash on the ASX. Oil rose a bit, helping the SPI 200 March contract recover to finish up 31 points, 0.7%, suggesting a better day today and the Aussie dollar this morning is largely unchanged at 72 cents. But here’s some good news – Deloitte’s 2016 IPO Report is out and these 20 Australian companies had spectacular debuts.

2. There’s a new way to Like all the misinformation and my-kids-say-the-darndest-things posts your friends are sharing on Facebook:

They’re called “Reactions” and, according to an introductory post from Mark Zuckerberg, “Love” is by far the most popular already. Fill your boots.

3. Should Millennials be paid more? There’s a new debate lighting up the internet after a Yelp/Eat24 employee wrote a blog about how her $8 an hour after-tax wage was crappy, and was fired a few hours later. Another Millennial’s acid response her whining went viral on Medium. Now it’s on, and the latest missive asks that oh-so-loaded question – why do old people get paid more when we’re just as good at their jobs?

4. Cars. They’re brilliant, especially if you can afford to drop a couple of hundred thousand for one. That will get you the new McLaren 570GT, in which the rear spoiler has been shifted by a centimetre to give you this:

Yep, it’s a hatchback supercar, now with room for gold spoons and a thermos of mock turtle soup. But if you’re just happy with a flat white, Tesla has finally caved in and added some decent cup-holders. As in, really decent, adjustable cup-holders:

Or you could just get a Lexus GS-F instead. It has cupholders, luggage space and our own Harry Tucker claiming it’s a luxury car that also pretty nifty on the racetrack.

5. The fog is the new cloud. There’s a better than average chance your job, as it stands now, will be automated eventually by a robot or sensor, or device which does it better, cheaper and doesn’t join a union. Most people are very busy trying not to think about that. But Cisco executive Pankaj Srivastava does, and on a recent trip to Australia, told us about “the fog”. It’s where all the information billions of Internet of Things devices store their data – not quite the cloud – and there’s pots of money to be made for someone – like Australian startup Covata – who can make it secure, accessible and relevant. That’s interesting, but not as interesting as the bigger picture about our future Srivastava paints when he talks about how the world will be run.


6. Hitler created the largest gun ever. It was four storeys high, 50m long and required 2000 men to operate it. Here it is, in all its hilariously oversized glory in the documentary “Top Secret Weapons“:

Hitler gustav railway gunScreen grabHitler looking at the Gustav gun.

And here’s why it was also a total disaster. Kind of like the PAK FA, Russia’s answer to the F-35.

7. The days of Microsoft/Apple rivalry are over. Apparently. Yet posts like this one about 12 things Microsoft does better than Apple still get loads of clicks.

8. Money matters. Let’s start making you comfortable – if not wealthy – from the beginning, with this best thing a beginning investor can do, according to a Nobel prize winner. Moving on, here’s how to save enough to retire comfortably at age 30, and how much you’ll need each year to get by. And finally, if you want to be a retired millionaire, here’s how much money you need to save each day, starting today.

9. Over in Utah, a bunch of daredevils built this human-sized spiderweb in the middle of a canyon, because they could:

10. Wow. Donald Trump is officially steamrolling towards a thumbs-up to run for US president. He crushed it in Nevada last night, but most importantly, he dominated every major category of voter. This looks like a case of people slowly realising its normal – if a little unsettling – to like what Trump stands for, and they’re starting to feel confident enough about it to take it to the ballot box. He’s even winning over Latinos. This could turn into a one-horse race.

Have a great day.

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