10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

She’s fine, folks. Picture: Getty Images

Hello, and welcome to Friday.

1. US Fed chair Janet Yellen delivered a speech this morning from the University of Massachusetts titled “Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy”. First, she all but confirmed US rates will be up to 0.5% by the end of the year. But all the concern was on Yellen’s health. She struggled to finish the speech, according to onlookers, and received medical assistance afterward. She was well enough to make it to dinner afterward, which was great news. But not before the Aussie dollar started finding a bid on the alarming news and US stock futures moved higher. Just something David Scutt noticed…

2. The question for traders now is what impact will Yellen’s words have on stocks today in Asia and then in Europe and the US tonight. Yesterday the ASX bounced nicely off the bottom of its recent trading range – the key level to watch. The SPI 200 futures for December are up 2 points this morning, well off the overnight low of 5,009 with a last trade at 5,060. US futures in night trade will be very important in what could be very cautious trade today.

3. Rates! And good news, massively over-mortgaged homeowners – the ANZ reckons the RBA will cut two more times in 2016, pinpointing February and May. Whether the ANZ passes the cuts on to you, though, is something you might want to think about before rushing out and adding another renter to your super nest egg.

4. Pushing along down the line, the ANZ said its call was based on downside risks for the global economy, and a slowdown in housing market activity. That will put more pressure on the Aussie dollar, so the ANZ has slashed 3 cents off its terminal AUD forecast and expect it to be at USD0.64 by the middle of 2016, with 60 cents in the frame.

5. So wet, so c-c-c-cold. But the fanbois will be all warm inside now they’ve got their hands on an iPhone 6S.

Even a robot joined the queue in Sydney yesterday. They should just become tech journos – they get to unbox new swag, days ahead of everyone, at the comfort of their desks. And get paid for it!

6. There’s a 30-second morning habit that top executives swear by. You’re probably already doing it, but it won’t hurt to check, just in case. Then move onto these 11 actions you can take today to start getting rich, according to a self-made millionaire.

7. It’s Friday, so you’re probably a bright young thing looking forward to knocking off, followed by good times. You might even try to lay a cheesy line on someone at the bar. And if you do, make it about cheese. Bizarrely, it’s one of the pickup lines with the highest success rates, according to dating app Hinge.

8. NASA just released the sharpest images of Pluto, yet. And this time, they’re in colour:

There’s more here.

9. VW’s CEO is out, but don’t feel too sorry for him. He’s in line for a payout cheque totting up to $98 million. That, when you’re Martin Winterkorn, is the equivalent to two years pay and $45 million in pension payments. It’s not confirmed yet, but he’s likely to be eligible because a) he was not fired and b) the supervisory board’s latest statement seems to absolve him of any knowledge of the emissions-rigging going on in VW’s diesel. Although it looks like all the marching orders are being saved for “further personnel”.

10. There’s a bunch of other stuff we’d like to show you today. Like America’s best toilets, or all the perks you didn’t know your credit cards came with. But these burgers are crazy:

There’s eight more here, and they’re all amazing – even the one with chocolate-covered bacon.

BONUS ITEM: US high school ref scores with the best falcon you’ll see in football:

Have a great weekend.

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