10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

The last painting by Myuran Sukumaran before he was executed. Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images.

Good morning, and condolences to the friends and families of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran

1. The Bali Nine duo have been executed. The convicted drug smugglers were lined up and shot at 12.35am local time (3.35am AEST) on Nusakambangan prison island and all were confirmed dead 27 minutes later. Here’s the fallout so far:

To the markets.

2. The big news locally is the sell-off in the US dollar which has allowed the Aussie dollar to surge up and through 80 cents. That’s the first time since late January this year. Greg McKenna had a look at the Aussie move in a separate piece this morning but it’s mostly, but not entirely, a US dollar move.

3. On the local ASX 200 yesterday, the 6,000 level was rejected again after the implied break in futures trade on Monday night. Yesterday’s trade took its lead from the US trade the day before but clearly the Aussie market needs an offshore catalyst to drive up and through the overhead resistance at the moment. Futures are indicating a better day.

4. In Asia yesterday, there was increasing talk of a vast China QE program but the Shanghai market ended weaker regardless. It seems local traders understand that while it looks a little like QE in what it does – in terms of buying assets by the PBOC – it looks and feels more like another plank in the overall restructuring of the Chinese economy. That’s the point Morgan Stanley analysts highlighted yesterday.

5. Microsoft’s Hololens is shaping up to be a proper VR gamechanger. Especially when it lets you do things like this:

But a new patent published Tuesday shows just how huge its potential is. Basically, it shows the Hololens reading an audience’s body language and sending messages to the wearer. Think how you could react accordingly to re-engage bored listeners, but here’s the killer app – there’s a real chance someone looking for love could sweep a room and find an interested partner.

6. But before you don your Hololens, increase your chances of instant lerv notifications by implementing these 9 science-backed ways men can appear more attractive.

7. BI’s Simon Thomsen was invited to Nashville, the spiritual home of country music, this week. He got to tour the sacred ground of RCA Studio B, where a staggering 1000 top 10 hits were recorded. And while there, he was told the amazing story of why saying no to Elvis was the best business decision Dolly Parton ever made. It’s a great read.

8. Excitement over the last interest rate cut has already faded, with growth in the retail sector expected to slow further. The Australian Food and Grocery Council CHEP Retail Index, designed as a leading indicator of retail activity, is showing 4% year-on-year growth in the March quarter, slowing to 3% by the June quarter.

9. Twitter’s earnings were a disaster, even before they were announced. In the first quarter, revenue hit $US436 million, missing expectations for $US456 million. It slashed its revenue outlook for the second quarter to $US470-$US485 million, well below expectations for revenue of $US538.1 million. But the big story belongs to little-known financial data platform firm Selerity Corp, who told everyone – via Twitter – the news before Twitter did. Here’s how they got the scoop, legally.

10. Yesterday we ran a post about how Manny Pacquiao could topple the undefeated Floyd Mayweather when the two finally meet in a rumoured $300 million bout on Sunday. Today, it’s all about how Mayweather will take Pacman down – and it’s brutally efficient.

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