10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Warren BuffettREUTERS/Andrea ComasWarren Buffett fills a glass with Coke during a news conference in Madrid May 21, 2008.

Well hello, weekend. But first:

1. Locally, after yesterday’s dip, SPI March futures traders have rallied prices 6 points to 5,882, consistent with the positive mood in other Asian futures markets overnight.

2. In Asia yesterday, the delayed impact of the positivity in stock markets that occurred while Shanghai was on holidays turned up and traders took the market up a solid 2.14% to 3,298. There was another rally in Tokyo and another 15-year high, with the market up 1.08% to 18,786.

3. The Aussie dollar went for a ride, bouncing off its Capex-induced fall to a high of 0.7912 last night. But then US data was released, US dollar buying across the board began and the Aussie dollar was dragged under. It’s at 0.7784 this morning.

4. Finally, the Apple Watch has a launch – of sorts. Along with a 12-page ad in Vogue, Apple announced an “event” for March 9. Apple will likely go over the final features, pricing, and other details, but here’s the 28 most important things you need to know right now about the most hyped product since the iPad, starting with the fact that it is, actually, a watch.

5. The annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival gets under way today, and with more than 200 delicious events taking place, it’s hard work eating your way through everything. So Simon Thomsen’s put together this handy list of the 13 things you at least need to start with. You’ve got until March 15 – go.

6. As former PM John Howard’s department secretary, Max “the Axe” Moore-Wilton shed thousands of public service jobs. He resigned in 2002 to become CEO of Sydney Airport Corporation, became its chairman in 2006, and yesterday, the 72-year-old announced he’ll be stepping down in May. Here’s what former political foe Anthony Albanese had to say about that:

7. Warren Buffett drinks Coke for breakfast. And a tube of potato sticks and a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. He’s 84, and the world’s most successful investor, so there might be something in it. “I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds,” he told Fortune. “So I decided to eat like a six-year-old.” So he drinks three cans of Coke during the day, and two at night.

8. Here’s how to sit at your desk so you don’t die:

9. Buy your house one brick at a time. New real estate investment startup BrickX is enabling investors to partly purchase properties by trading “Bricks” which start from $66 each. Designed to take some of the pain out of property investing, the platform will launch with at least two properties – a one bedder in the inner city Sydney suburb of Enmore and a two bedder with harbour views in Mosman. Seriously, you can actually buy small pieces of them, because there is no minimum investment required.

10. Join Paul Allen’s private London club for just $1200 a year. Microsoft’s billionaire cofounder bought a seven-storey, 19th-century women’s hospital in 1996, after he and musician Dave Stewart discovered the building while having a drink nearby. They renovated it and opened the Hospital Club in 2004. It’s pretty swanky – we took a tour inside.

BONUS ITEM: Laird Hamilton foil-boarding looks as close to flying as humans can get.

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