10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

No one has that many friends. Picture: BBC

1. Oil was kind of a big deal last night. It ripped 5% higher after US inventories climbed for the fifth period in a row. And US stock had a big night despite a couple of words from the US Fed in its note about yesterday’s non-hike which mentioned “at its next meeting”. Europe was also higher last night and the ASX SPI200 futures are indicating a solid start to the day today, up 43 points to 5,349.

2. ANZ’s earnings might have helped that along a little today… if they hadn’t just posted a disappointing cash profit of just $7.2 billion.

3. Wait. Did Sepp Blatter just admit to fixing the 2022 World Cup bid? It sure sounds like it, and that means Australia wasted $41 million on a foregone conclusion.

4. The most depressing story of 2015 has all these things in it:

“Pay might not rise enough to make up for inflation next year”

“…wages in Australia are growing at the slowest pace on record”

“Australian salaries are among the worst performing in the world”, and

“Organisation-wide salary freezes are unavoidable for many companies”

Look away now if you don’t want to see the chart:

Or click here for more details if you’re a sucker for punishment.

5. The many different paths to success. Some validation for anyone worried they hadn’t accomplished enough in this list of what 12 highly successful people were doing at 25. One had several companies already under his belt, another was tending bars. All of them are now worth many millions of dollars.

6. At 25, Bill Gates was one year out from becoming president of Microsoft and the chairman of the board. Now, he’s 60 and to celebrate his birthday, here areall the amazing things he’s done in his life. And here are 18 quotes which tell you all you need to know about the world’s richest man.

7. If you’re still upset about that wages chart, this might cheer you up:

That’s a great attempt on goal with a seal by a male orca in waters off Victoria, in British Columbia. But here’s the best bit – after the orcas hit their prey, they don’t often eat them, unlike they do with porpoises, which they punt to literally knock the guts out of them. So… fun?

8. You’ve got too many friends and everyone else hates you for it, according to one study which asked people to rate fictional Facebook profiles. They found the sweet spot for likeability was for someone with about 300 friends. (Under 100 friends is a turnoff, too.) And here are seven other things you’re doing to make people instantly dislike you, that you probably weren’t aware of.

9. Russia plans to land cosmonauts on the moon before 2030. It probably won’t be an all-female crew. A Russian research institute is planning to study how six women interact during an eight-day mock space expedition — and they’re already saying some pretty questionable things about the experiment along the way. Here’s the instutute director at the press conference:

“I’d like to wish you a lack of conflicts, even though they say that in one kitchen, two housewives find it hard to live together.”

10. Want to watch an autonomous humanoid robot take a motorbike for a spin? Yes:

That was Yamaha’s big splash at the Tokyo Motor Show yesterday, and it was a good one. It can hit 100km/h in a straight line, but Yamaha aims for the robot to ride better than humans at up to 200km/h within two years.

BONUS ITEM: Halloween is nigh, so here’s Barack Obama singing “Thriller”:

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