10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Kim Kardashian West – fan of Bold. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning! Here’s the score:

1. In Asia yesterday, the Shanghai exchange was on a tear, rising 2.08% to 2,338, the Hang Seng was 1.63% higher while the Nikkei fell 0.38%. The news out of China was that the strength in Shanghai was related to hopes, some say expectations, that the PBOC will follow up recent economic weakness with more stimulus. It’s purely speculative and nothing over the past 8-10 months suggests that the PBOC and Government are going to deviate from their current targeted approach.

2. Aussie dollar bears will be unhappy with the move up to 0.8881 overnight and while it has slipped back a little, it is still strong at 0.8853 this morning. Realistically it just looks like the market got too short last week and we are seeing a reversal now. Likewise, the euro is stronger at 1.2734 and the pound is at 1.6134. Only the yen was weaker with a move back to 108.15 this morning.

3. How to be a CEO in Australia. 1) Be a man. That sad but true statistic came out of a data crunch of Australia’s ASX 200 companies by US-based data discovery group Qlik. Among their findings was that of the 200 CEOs, 190 were men. Half of them were born outside Australia. Average age – 54. And an MBA doesn’t seem to be much help in landing the big prize. It’s a fascinating study – there’s more here.

4. The dirt on Google’s new CEO. BI US asked its Google insiders what everyone’s saying about the man who’ll largely replace CEO Larry Page, Sundar Pichai. Mostly, the reports are glowing. Pichai made an impression on Page because he could translate Page’s wildly abstract ideas and concepts into English for management teams after Page left the room. The biggest difference between the two is Page says “No” to everything, while Pichai says “Yes”. But his sudden rise isn’t going down well with everyone who remembered Pichai when he started several rungs below them as a junior…

5. Rupert Murdoch has a drone. This photo of the tycoon’s first flight was taken while he was attending the Wall Street Journal’s tech conference, held in California’s Laguna Beach. The world is waiting to see what it means.

6. Kim Kardashian is buying all the BlackBerrys. Mrs West told Re/code’s Kara Swisher she’s addicted to the keyboard and buys old BlackBerrys on eBay in case they become extinct. Kardashian was a special guest at the Code/Mobile conference, because let’s face it, no one’s worked the mobile/social game quite like her. Between Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, her updates go out to a staggering 67 million fans. And she has a top five grossing game (Kim Kardashian: Hollywood) in the App Store.

7. Happy birthday Bill Gates. In 59 years, he’s gone from startup nerd to being worth more than Croatia. The Financial Times wrote that “through the stroke of pen on cheque book, Gates probably now has the power to affect the lives and well-being of a larger number of his fellow humans than any other private individual in history.” Here’s 21 quotes from 20 years of interviews that reveal all you need to know about one of history’s great gamechangers.

8. They finally caught Peter Foster. His many money-making schemes are hilarious, including tea that helps you lose weight as used by the Duchess of York and 80s model Sam Fox. But the victims that lost up to $6m in his last scam probably don’t think so, and will be happy to see Australia’s most famous conman in front of a court. He claimed he was in Fiji, and posted pics of himself sipping kava to prove, but police arrested Foster in Ewingsdale, a suburb of Byron Bay. And that last scam? A nasal spray that – wait for it – helps you lose weight.

9. The World’s Most Desirable Employers. LinkedIn released it top 200 list yesterday and engineering company WorleyParson can be proud to call itself the only Aussie on the list, coming in at 49. It’s based on how many people view your company’s profile and how many engage with you on the professional networking site. It’s been an otherwise difficult year for WorleyParsons – stock is down 40%, Ebola fears have seen it withdraw from scouting tours of West Africa, and its execs just copped a pay freeze for the third year in a row.

10. Have you ever written this to kick off a cover letter?

You shouldn’t – it shows you’re not concerned about who you’re actually addressing. Fixing a resume is easy, because there’s a pretty standard format for what to do and what not to do. But cover letters are a bit more wobbly, so here’s 8 tips to hopefully make it a bit clearer.

BREAKINGS NEWS: NASA’s rocket to supply the ISS just exploded. It was unmanned:

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