10 things you need to know in Australia

Alex Wong/Getty ImagesTwitter is going to add warnings on tweets by politicians and world leaders if they violate its rules.


1. A 29 year old Australian man is reportedly being detained in North Korea. Alek Sigley was studying in Pyongyang and is believed to be the only Australian in North Korea. He would often post about his experiences on Facebook and Twitter, despite living in a country that forbids access to the internet. Here is everything we know so far.

2. Facebook believes individuals should be held responsible for any defamatory content they post on the platform. It comes after a landmark ruling in Australia that could find media companies liable for defamatory comments their readers post under a story.

3. Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to give President Donald Trump a number of conditions the US would have to meet to reduce trade tensions between the countries at the upcoming G20 summit. Among the conditions is a request to lift all tariffs on Chinese goods and remove the ban on Huawei.

4. Stocks in the US are trading at near all-time highs. However experts say investors may be complacent about looming threats, including the possibility of the US-China trade war escalating.

5. Twitter is going to start putting warnings on tweets by politicians and world leaders that violate its rules. It comes amid ongoing calls for US President Donald Trump to be banned from the social media platform.

6. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is reportedly looking to raise more than US$300 million which could push its total fundraising this year to more than US$1 billion. It follows the company’s recent launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket.

7. Uber is set to expand in Western Africa. Uber’s shares have increased by as much as 5% after the company announced its plans to expand its services in Western Africa. The company is also looking at launching a boat service in Nigeria.

8. Alphabet’s cybersecurity business Chronicle is being absorbed into Google and will join the company’s Cloud division. It comes after Chronicle had become its own separate company under the Alphabet umbrella.

9. Trump wants to delay the 2020 US census. US President Donald Trump said he would delay the 2020 US census after the US Supreme Court rejected his administration’s attempt to add a question about an individual’s citizenship to the forms.

10. A super fast phone charger is coming. Vivo, one of the most innovative companies to come out of China, has unveiled a new charging technology that can charge a phone in just 13 minutes.


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