10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning!

1. President Donald Trump publicly clashed with his trade adviser over China talks in the Oval Office. The two got into a cringeworthy exchange while discussing the technicalities of trade agreements and MOUs, with Trump coming off much worse. The incident happened last Friday in Washington but the video of the exchange started circulating on Monday in Australia. It’s two minutes, but worth it.

2. Chinese equity markets had an insane day on Monday. The key indices were up 5% or more after Trump said there was going to be a favourable trade deal between the US and China.

3. US warships just sailed through the Taiwan Strait again, ignoring China’s repeated warnings not to do so. The guided-missile destroyer USS Stethem and the replenishment oiler USNS Cesar Chavez navigated a “routine” Taiwan Strait transit.

4. Mining giant Barrick Gold is making a $US17.85 billion bid for Newmont Mining. A deal would create a company valued at around $US42 billion.

5. Russian state media has said Vladimir Putin’s hypersonic missiles could instantly vaporise five critical US targets. They could do so within five minutes of being launched.

6. Facebook is paying moderators a measly $US28,800 to vet horrific content on its platform, according to a report from The Verge. The work can have lasting mental health consequences for those who do it and the report suggests employees are turning to pot and office sex in order to cope.

7. Australian incomes are set to barely grow over the next six years, according to IMF projections reported in The Australian Financial Review. Living standards are also destined for a slowdown in the coming years.

8. Amazon says it is mourning a “terrible tragedy”. An Amazon Prime Air cargo plane crashed into a bay outside Houston, Texas, on Saturday, killing all three people on board.

9. The British Labour Party is set to back a new referendum on Brexit in the next few weeks, leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced. This will be the first time the Labour Party has told its MPs to support an amendment which calls for a new referendum.

10. It was a big night at the Oscars, full of surprises and controversies. Remi Malek won the best actor award, while Olivia Coleman won best actress. Here’s the full list of who won what.

BONUS ITEM: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performing at the Oscars. The video in this tweet has already had 5 million views — and it’s not hard to see why.

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