10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Hands up who prefers this model? Picture: Infiniti

Friday, it’s Friday, which seat will I choose?

1. Australia could have its second female Prime Minister by lunch. But first, a few things have to happen.

  • The PM should have legal advice from the solicitor-general on whether there are any concerns over Peter Dutton’s eligibility to sit in Parliament by 9am
  • Turnbull wants to see a petition with 43 names on it before he’ll declare the leadership race open (Check, as of 8.30am.)
  • MPs will vote on three candidates (Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison and maybe Peter Dutton) and the one with the least votes will be tossed
  • A new leader will be chosen from the two that remain

And then, if all the cards fall the right way and the Coalition loses its majority in the Lower House, we could have a general election in October!

Here is everything you need to know about it all, right now. But pretty much everyone who saw this inspired outburst on their social feed overnight is wondering if there’s a way Greens Leader Richard Di Natale can somehow throw his hat in the ring:

2. Here’s what the Aussie dollar thinks of it all:


In the US, where the first talks over trade tensions with China went nowhere, the greenback stayed strong but all three major US indices slumped. All eyes shifted to Jackson Hole for the annual central bankers’ meeting. And ASX Futures traders have marked the local market up this morning.

3. This is brutal. Lisa Brennan-Jobs has written an autobiography, which despite whatever its actual content, will only ever be known as “How Much of a Jerk Steve Jobs Was”. In regard to her teenage years spent with her dad, Lisa reveals:

Lisa stresses she doesn’t want the book to be a condemnation of the tech giant, but wanted people to know he felt “my existence ruined his streak”.

4. This is awesome:

The opening ceremony of the World Taekwondo Hanmadang was every bit like a Jackie Chan movie, except better because it was IRL.

5. In cars today, the new BMZ Z4 landed and it is very special:

BMWThe 2019 BMW Z4 M40i First Edition.

It’s expected to cost about who cares how much. Or you could wait for the future, when you can buy this stunning single-seat concept electric car from Infiniti, one of these 30 electric cars that will be on the road by 2025, or on this set of wheels that lets you drive sideways.

6. And in Bitcoin Tesla news, a Tesla investor is urging Elon Musk not to take Tesla private because it could be valued up to “$US4,000 per share in five years”. If so, it needs to sort out the kind of bad press that happens when Wall Street engineers tear down your cars and find missing bolts, loose tolerances, misaligned welds, and more – like they just did with the Model 3. And Musk is now losing engineers to Apple.

7. Other Friday fails include Iran’s new “state of the art” fighter jet, which turns out to be an F-5 Tiger that first flew in the US in 1959, with a paint job on it. And a military parade in Russia where a tank missed its trailer:

8. In tech, iOS 12 is just about due, so here are 15 new things you’ll be able to do with it. We tested Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive to find the best storage solution, and Google Drive won. Here’s a helicopter that surely no one would ever get in because its two rotors scissor together. And is the Note9 worth $1500? We say yes.

9. In Venezuela, this is how much cash you need to cart down to the shop to buy a bar of soap:

While in the UK, where Britons are now bunkering down for a no-deal Brexit, ex-pats could lose their pensions, organic food is in danger, and a sperm shortage is looming.

10. The humans won. Fresh from killing off a proper team of pro-gamers, AI research company’s OpenAI sent its bots of to the world championships, The International, in Vancouver. And they lost the first of a three-match series. There is hope for us yet.

BONUS ITEM: There is a LOT of swearing in this, so headphones on. But this should be put in some kind of national treasure archive:

Have a great weekend.

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