10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. It’s inflation day! Australia’s June quarter consumer price inflation report (CPI) will be released at 11.30am AEST. Arriving just four times a year, it’s arguably the most important data release on the Australian economic calendar, carrying the potential to shift interest rate expectations in an instant. It has done so many times before, often leading to a change in the RBA cash rate in the month following it’s released. Here’s your 10-second guide on what to expect.

2. Bitcoin’s back, baby! Bitcoin climbed back above the $US8,000 mark in Asian trade yesterday afternoon for the first time since late May. This morning it has held those gains and continues to climb. The rise comes amid continued speculation about the introduction of a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF).

3. At least 74 people have died in massive wildfires around Athens, Greece, with dozens of people engulfed in flames and smoke as they tried to escape. The fire hit Mati, a seaside resort village east of the capital, on late Monday afternoon, and has reduced much of the city to ash. The neighbouring port town of Rafina was also affected. A separate blaze also hit Kineta, another small resort town around the same time. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has declared three days of national mourning for the disaster’s victims.

4. As many as 10% of Australians are expected to opt out of My Health Record, according to Health Minister Greg Hunt. It comes as criticisms of the scheme continue to mount and doctors threaten a boycott to protect their patients’ privacy. The SMH reports 20,000 people opted out on the first day of the three-month opt-out period that began last week.

5. Tour de France racers were accidentally tear-gassed by police trying to deter protestors at stage 16 of the event. The gas, used on local farmers who had thrown bales of hay on to the road from Carcassonne to Bagneres-de-Luchon, ended up blowing in the direction of the peloton, which led officials to halt the race temporarily with 187 kilometres to go, so riders could seek medical attention.

6. How often do you check your social media accounts? Five, maybe six times throughout the day? We’re going to suggest it’s more seeing the national average is 10 times a day. Rise, a workplace meaning and happiness consultancy, came up with that figure, adding that nearly a quarter (24%) of respondents admit to spending up to 90 minute distracted every working day. See why that might not be such a bad thing here.

7. Five inmates are on the run after they escaped from a maximum security prison in WA. A total of 10 inmates managed to break free from the compound just after 4.30pm on Tuesday, following a “disturbance” at the facility. Five inmates have since been recaptured. Extra police resources from Perth have been sent to Geraldton to help with the recovery. Meanwhile police are urging the public to ensure doors and windows are locked and if driving in the area to keep doors locked.

8. “Hey, girls.” It’s a simple email greeting. But a VC who just raised $30 million to invest in startups says it’s a phrase that should be removed from your vocabulary immediately when speaking to women in the workplace. While calling them “girls” may not be intended to be patronising, Clara Brenner says words matter, especially when women have historically earned less than their male peers and have fewer opportunities to advance to the top ranks. “It’s not going to kill your chances, but it’s just sort of alienating. You’re asking us for money. At least act like you take us seriously,” she said.

9. Don’t be duped. People are being victimised by a terrifying new email scam where attackers claim they have stolen your password and hacked your webcam while you were watching porn. Here’s how to protect yourself against it.

10. There’s now a real-life Iron Man jet suit that is available to buy — that is if you’ve got a cool $602,000 to spare. Weighing 27 kg without fuel and powered by five mini jet engines, the Gravity Jet Suit can reach altitudes of 12,000 feet. Check it out:

Have a great day.

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