10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Mike Tyson knows losers. Picture: Warner Bros


1. Another Australian-Something Else politician bites the dust. Late yesterday, Queensland senator and resources minister Matt Canavan stood down from the Turnbull ministry. Canavan is blaming his mum, who registered him as an Italian resident and didn’t tell him. Gah, mums.

2. It’s all action in currency markets. The euro hit a two-and-a-half-year high but closed lower as the greenback rallied. (BoA says it’s still overvalued.) Cryptos dived a little but Goldman Sachs says Bitcoin is still on track for $US3000. And the Aussie dollar is holding steady above US79 cents, but there’s a mountain of data coming today, starting with quarterly CPI inflation data at 11:30am. RBA governor Philip Lowe has a speech to give in Sydney, and the US Federal Reserve has an interest rate announcement coming tonight. ASX200 SPI futures are well up.

3. The US president has been busier than usual. His healthcare overhaul just overcame its first huge hurdle. He decided he actually likes Janet Yellen after all and “she’s in the running” for a second term as Fed president. And he gave a wild speech at the Boy Scouts of America’s National Jamboree in West Virginia, where he riffed on a wealthy real-estate developer William Levitt and a party with “the hottest people in New York”. Here are the highlights.

4. Dr G Yunupingu has died, aged 46. The genius behind the 2008 self-titled triple platinum release yesterday succumbed to complications from contracting Hepatitis B as a child. His music took his native language of Yolngu from his birthplace on Elcho Island, 500km east of Darwin, to alongside Sting in Paris, and before former US president Barack Obama, Princess Mary of Denmark and at the Queen’s diamond jubilee concert in London.

5. We all love a loser. William Hill is reporting that since the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was announced, 85 per cent of total bets wagered have been on an upset win for the Irish MMA champion. That’s probably because Mayweather is virtually no value, returning about $100 for every $1000 placed. But that’s still good value, according to Mike Tyson, because as he put it overnight, McGregor is “gonna get killed”.

6. Here’s a better bet:

chipped in $US60 to help out, and walked away with $US40,000 each

7. It’s winter in 2017 and you’re still trying to figure out how this thing on your heater works:

The mechanical timer on my column heater. (Source: Tony Yoo)

Why? This is the age of the Internet of Things! But if you buy Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool Link air purifier, you can finally use your phone to warm the house up 10 minutes before you haul out of bed. Tony Yoo does, every morning now, but here’s why he’s not so sure you should pay $779 for the privilege.

8. China has a new border defence brigade, with nuclear bunkers, helicopter gunships and all. The fact it’s stationed along its 1400km border with supposed ally North Korea could be seen as a worrying sign of how it believes tension between the US and the Hermit Kingdom will play out. And Canberra isn’t appearing too concerned about a Chinese spy ship popping up to watch US and Australian ships take part in the Talisman Saber war games off the coast of northeast Australia.

9. A reddit user has leaked photos which claim to show the Galaxy S8 Active, Samsung’s rugged version of its flagship phone. Motorola claims its latest high-end phone has a “shatterproof” display. But Steve Kovach says forget about both, because now is the worst time to buy a smartphone.

10. Who wants to live forever? This new study shows how there’s no such thing as “dying of old age” in nature, and what that might mean for our dreams of immortality. But if you’re keen to get out earlier than your genes would like you to, believe these 5 myths about how to survive in the wild. It’s been nice knowing you.

BONUS ITEM: Things they don’t mention at Fire-Fighting School:

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