10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Meanwhile, in Russia… Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. Facebook is finally ready to take on Netflix. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the social media behemoth is willing to pay up to $US3 million per episode for shows up to 30 minutes long. “House of Cards” cost Netflix $US4.5 million per episode.

2. Stocks in the US were flat overnight, despite poor durable goods orders data, with traders looking like they’re more interested in a move from the US Fed this week. A government rescue of two Italian banks boosted euro stocks a bit, but there was nothing to convince futures traders of any action on the ASX200 today. The Aussie dollar is gaining ahead of swathe of key central bank speeches.

3. It’s a good day for retro gamers. Nintendo has confirmed it will release a mini version of its Super Nintendo, complete with 21 games, on September 29, for $US80. Less than $US4 a game, and there’s not a single bad game on the list. There’s even a new Star Fox. You have virtually zero chance of actually getting one.

4. Aviation had some exciting moments. Russia has been finishing up test flights for its new MiG-35, the first major upgrade to the all but invincible icon of the skies from the 1980s. We have video. Meanwhile, a tornado knocked two of the US president’s four “doomsday” planes out of the sky. And a US Apache helicopter shot something down with a laser gun for the first time.

5. Submissions are due by Friday for this year’s National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year contest. Here’s the kind of extraordinary shot you’ll find in the Cities section:

We have 15 more here. And if you fancy your skills as a snapper, and have a Google Pixel phone, here’s how you could get your photo seen by millions of people.

6. Bitcoin tumbled to a one-week low. Because it’s a cryptocurrency, a “one-week low” means a fall of 16.6%. Gold fell sharply. Because it’s a proper thing, “sharply” means around 1%. And Ethereum is trading down around 13%, possibly due to a rumour its cofounder Vitalik Buterin had died. Buterin proved he was alive – and about 14 – with this tweet:

7. Think you’re pretty smart? If you own a dog, then sorry, science says you’re kidding yourself. And here are four other science-backed signs you might actually be a genius.

8. Other signs you’re not smart include being called Tyson Fury and John McEnroe. Fury, a heavyweight boxing champion of sorts, reckons Conor McGregor will annihilate Floyd Mayweather in a single round. But then, he also reckons gay people should be shot dead. And McEnroe calmly suggested that if Serena Williams, the winner of 23 Grand Slam titles, played the men’s circuit “she’d be like 700 in the world”.

9. Ugh, turbulence. But you’ve probably never had it this bad:

That was from a recent Air Asia X flight from Perth, Australia, to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before it turned around. Hot tip for pilots – never ask your passengers to “pray”. Twice.

10. They’re digging up Salvador Dali. A judge in Madrid has ordered the exhumation of the Spanish artist’s body so it can be the subject of a paternity test. Tarot card reader Maria Pilar Abel Martínez claims her mother told her several times that Dalí was her father. Dalí was married to Elena Ivanovna Diakonova but the couple had no children. He died in 1989.

BONUS ITEM: If you remember 2011’s “Going to the Store”, you’re in for a treat:

Have a great day.

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