10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Police have named 22-year-old Salman Abedi as the man who detonated a fatal bomb in the Manchester Arena, killing 22 people and injuring 59. The Telegraph newspaper reported that Abedi was born in Manchester and was one of four children to parents who were Libyan refugees who fled to Britain at the height of the Gaddafi regime. He died in the attack. Ariane Grande was understandably “in hysterics” following the attack. She tweeted this soon after:

Grande has suspended her world tour and several other big acts have also cancelled or postponed their UK shows in the coming weeks. And the Queen condemned the attack as an “act of barbarity”.

2. A 007 died. Sir Roger Moore lost a “short but brave” battle with cancer and died yesterday, aged 89. He played Bond in seven films, and brought a glorious sense of fun and dubious martial arts skills to the franchise. Fans will forever argue about his best Bond movie (Live and Let Die, obviously), one-liner (the one he didn’t actually deliver), and Bond moment, which is this:

3. To markets, and Europe is pulling along nicely, just as the UK prepares to bail out. Lol. The euro briefly hit a 6-month high against the greenback overnight before falling back below $US1.12. Composite PMIs are at a 6-year high and business confidence in Germany hit a record high. ASX SPI futures traders have bet on gains in today’s session after the financial sector dragged on the index yesterday. The Aussie dollar tried to rally overnight but failed and iron ore is weaker.

4. Microsoft launched a new Surface Pro, called, well, the Surface Pro. It’s coming up to two years since the company refreshed this line, so here’s what’s new – and not at all new – about the new Pro, starting with the fact that it’s not a “tablet that can replace your laptop” any more.

5. Facebook added a FaceTime-like function to its iPhone app and Instagram copied another Snapchat feature. Apple is working on a technology that will increase the iPhone’s internet speeds. And Morgan Stanley reckons with Waymo, Google might be building a $US70 billion business.

6. Remember a couple of years ago when all the Facebook health experts were crowing about how sausages give you cancer? The same measure now applies to alcohol. Cue awkward silence.

7. She did it again:

Melania Trump is now Twitter’s “Queen of Hand Shade”. (Which is good for a laugh right now, but you don’t have to look very hard to find pics of the pair holding hands.) But if you haven’t reached your daily scorn level for the US president yet this morning, here’s the note he left at Israel’s Holocaust memorial (“So amazing!”) compared to the one Barack Obama left.

8. Ever wondered why coins have ridges around the outside? It’s called reeding, and the reason why it’s done – in the US, at least – is probably more interesting than you think.

9. Linette Lopez went to Las Vegas for the biggest Wall Street conference of 2017 – the annual hedge funders’ Skybridge Alternatives Conference (SALT). It was immediately obvious change was in the air, and not for good, because of the one weird noise everyone kept making. And lack of dad-bros crushing champagne by the pool.

10. This is the new best whiskey in the world.

BONUS ITEM: “James, I need you.” “So does England.” Thanks for the lines, Sir Roger:

Enjoy your day.

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